Greetings, dear ones. We are the Council of Light and we love you dearly.

It is always with honor that we speak with you. We have information for this day that will allow you to consider the approach you wish to take to create your world.

We have spoken with you regarding the new world that is yours to create. There has never been anything like this opportunity before. You have succeeded and now before you is a universe of possibilities. It is time to break the old molds, the old ways of thinking for those ways, while they may have served you well in the past, no longer can function in the new energy, the new times. There is no place for them for they were formed in order to actually preserve the old ways. Once in a while there would be a shift, but for the most part they were there to conserve the status quo, whatever that was at any given time.

Now there is the opportunity for new and different ways of thinking. Now you must unleash your imagination for imagination is the brainchild of any new worlds you create. Let not your creations be limited by what was. Allow yourselves to see a world that is far different from what you have experienced until now.

We cannot tell you what that world might look like for we do not know what you will create. All we can tell is that the old ways will have no place in this new energy. They cannot because the vibrations which surround the old cannot sync with the frequencies of the new. If they do, then they are forever changed so that the old ideas will not be applied in the same way. In fact, they would be unrecognizable.

Allow yourselves to imagine what it would be like to have full abundance for all. To explore any place and time at your will. Imagine all the people living in harmony with one another, loving each other. We cannot tell you what that might be like for we do not know. You have not created exactly anything like it on a global scale.

While we are on the topic of abundance, we would like for you to consider expanding your view of abundance. For many of you abundance refers primarily to money. While we understand that important part of your world you have created, we do not think in terms of only money when we use the term “abundance.”

In our abundance is a term which we apply to everything known and unknown by you. Abundant love, wealth, joy, food, peace-all things. They are in abundance for you have them already. When they are required they will be there.

You are provided for abundantly. Why then, you may well ask, is there such lack for so many people? We tell you now that is the world you have created based on the eons-old idea that there is lack. You have created a world in which there is a fear of lack, a fear of running out of resources, a fear of running out of food, money, oil, gas, housing, land. Those of you who have begun to hoard do so out of your fear of lack or running out.

You have often gone to war out of fear that someone will cut you off from needed resources. This group belief, group consciousness, is a strong one, indeed. It has been with you since your experiences in the void long before you ever descended into physical form as you know. You have carried these ideas of lack for so long that you have come to believe that it is the natural order of things. There are those who have and those who do not and many in between. No matter how little or how much, most of you will hoard what you have.

Now we are not placing any judgment around what you have created out of fear. We are merely reminding you of what you create. Now we tell you that you can create a different world. You can create a world in which lack is not a concept. Rather you can create a world in which each individual will know that whatever is needed will be provided.

Many of you hesitate to move freely into the spiritual work you know you want to do for fear that you will not be able to make ends meet. So you hold onto the only apparent means that you perceive. We do not suggest that you all quit your jobs and go about your new work. We are suggesting that you change how you perceive your work. Your current jobs could be considered to be transitional. They are temporary until you are ready to move fully into your new work. Some of you will continue where you are because the kind of lightwork you do is done at the work place. In other words, you are not there for the job really. You are there for you are holding a light in places that need that. There are those around you who are being effected by your light. And you may not even know them. That is not to say that you will always be there. But for now that is your work. We know that may not be what you want to hear, but we are giving you information, not directions, about the way things are now. We do not tell you what to do. Ever.

Some of you are prepared and ready. Your time will come for you. Patience is in order as all the things you have placed in motion align in the way you have set them up.

We ask that you open to a new way of seeing your circumstances. Yes, we know you would love on one level to quit your jobs and write your books. On another level, you are not quite ready. It is never an either-or decision. Look at your current resources and see them as a means to support your passion for writing the books, the songs, the music. Find the things in your work that really need no longer be done by you. And give Caesar his due, but give Spirit and your lightwork its due as well.

Some of you already have orchestrated your work to be able to follow your passion. We honor and love yo all wherever yo are on your path for all is appropriate. You can do no wrong thing here. You must move at whatever pace serves at any given time.You are not a failure, dear ones, if yo do not immediately have what yo want or dream about. We want yo to know that you are dearly loved and honored for all the you have done. You are moving at a pace that is appropriate for you. There is no need to be hasty. There is plenty of time. Meanwhile, we want yo to know that the work you are doing that you don’t even know you are doing, is reverberating throughout the universe. It is effecting us all, freeing all of us to move forward. And you aren’t even aware. But you will be. You will be.

We so love to meet with you like this and speak with you so directly. We so appreciate our partner for being our spokesman for he too has chosen to follow his heart and his passion. We have waited so long for the right time. And now it is here.

We will continue to meet with you for these talks for as long as we are needed. We will never leave you.

We are the Council of Light and we do love you, dearly.

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