The Great Experiment

Greetings, dear ones. We are the Council of Light and we are here to help you realize who you really are, each and every one of you.

There is so much love for you and honor for what you have accomplished that there are many from all over your universe who have come. Some are here to pay their respects, others out of curiosity, for the word has spread that the Great Experiment didn’t fail this time. There were to be no more attempts for as was agreed there could only be so many. This was the last. But you did it! You changed all that. You are indeed grand beings of light.

What we wish to speak of today is a subject that has been little discussed. It is one that we feel you are ready to hear and one that you can hear.

Sometime in your past there was an event that shattered your world as you knew it. There was a time of great peace and harmony across your planet of Earth and there was tremendous progress being made. You were free to discover your Higher Selves and purposes. This was a time similar to your stories of Camelot but it wasn’t Camelot. This was a time before Camelot. There was great communication among the peoples of the land. It was thought by many of the guardians that this was the beginning of the success of the experiment. There was great rejoicing on this side of the veil.

There were in those days, as now, those entities who had opposed the experiment and had never really agreed to it, not even the smallest compromise. They felt that if the experiment were to actually succeed that their power and authority would be in question.

How could these ones (humans) who had taken on the task be worthy in a sense to be doing that work? These opposing entities wanted, as now, to keep things exactly as they were. Some of them began to take human form and began to infiltrate the societies that were flourishing in those days.

These “newcomers,” we will call them, began to spread discontent among the populations. They would tell of accomplishment by others and began to compare cultures. It seemed that some were more successful than others. Differences began to be noticed more and more. As this discontent grew, some of the newcomers began to explain to “their people” how they might be able to attain or in some instances obtain what others had.

Keep in mind that the newcomers infiltrated all cultures and worked with each other to develop the discontent. However, the Earth peoples did not know of the relationship among the newcomers, except a few of the wise ones who would warn of the problems with these destructive ideas being introduced by newcomers.

It is not that we say the newcomers were evil. They were attempting to keep things the way they had been. Who had every heard of Spirit descending into the density of physicality? It was beneath the dignity of such beings to so lower themselves. It was degrading in a way, from their point of view. Why not continue as before? Why pursue such imaginings?

And so it was that they set out to subvert the Experiment. What if these results would mean that somehow the volunteers would gain even greater significance and standing? Why they might become even as God. And no one was greater than that, so they reasoned.

And so it was that the ideas of ownership of things and who owned what and who didn’t and how they could begin to obtain their fair share were born. The eons old rivalries began anew, hearkening back to those times in the void when each entity sought what they thought they had to get what they needed.

The powers which the people had discovered began to be used against neighboring cultures. The advances in science and technologies began to be used in ways designed to weaken the perceived enemies.

As the struggles grew so did the weapons of destruction. There were a few voices raised in warning but so many had come to believe that they had to do what “needed to be done” to save themselves.

Escalation followed escalation until each side was weakened. Eventually, as always the ultimate weapon was designed as a deterrent to war. It was dubbed, “the Peacemaker.”

And make peace it did. After it was finally used by one of the factions, so total was the destruction that there was nothing left to fight for… or die for.

Peace returned to the land. But not in the way a few had envisioned.

We share this story with you in order to illustrate what you have done.

You were on the same path as the ancients in our story. But his time, unlike so man times before, you didn’t go along, you didn’t listen to those that recited the old beliefs and religions of difference and separation. You didn’t follow the teachings of old that were founded in fear and segregation.

You chose a different way.

At a cellular, core level you listened to your hearts, not your fears. Oh, it was not easy for you. So many of you chose to be born into fear-based families and beliefs. So many of you were frightened, so many times. For some, even your fathers, mothers, and brothers and sisters frightened, misused, and abused you. Yet, you chose a different way. The way of the heart for you know as the beloved Yeshua knew, “they know not what they do.” Through your struggles and through your pain, you chose to see things not as it was, but as it ought to be as your musical, “Man of La Mancha” has reminded you.

Dear ones, we want yo to know just how much you are honored and loved. Oh, if you could only see yourselves as we see you. The brilliance, the capacity of love that you have is truly awesome for us to behold. And we rejoice for we know that one day soon, you will be able to see what we see, to know what we know.

Someday you will know what you have done. You have changed the universe. You have changed us. Did you know that? You have freed us to become more and more of what we are. You have allowed us to move to other levels as well. And we so honor you and think you for it.

And now we wish to pause for a moment at this time. Just take a moment now and allow us to touch you. Allow yourselves to feel that touch on the shoulder, that wash of love around you, that wave of chills that has become so familiar to so many of you.

Yes, dear ones, it is true. We are here and we rejoice that you are able to once again recognize us, our energy that we have so often sent to you, even when we knew that you could not recognize the love.

We leave you now, but we don’t ever really leave. We just withdraw for a brief time until it is time to once again come to visit at your invitation, with your permission.

Dear ones, we are the Council of Light, and we love you so dearly.

August 27, 2002

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