Are You Ready to Know Divine Will?

Greeting, dear ones. We are the Council of Light and we are here to assist humanity to move forward into the fullness of their true Divine Nature.

It is not our place to do this for you. It is a task that each of you can decide upon for yourselves. It is a decision that only you can make. Do you really want to follow the Divine Will? Do you know what that means really? Do you want to know?

Dear ones, we are here to offer information and sometimes guidance but it is you who must decided. There is no judgment regarding any choice you make. We love and support you no matter what decisions you make. Our role is to support any decisions you make. We will never tell you what to do. We can offer a new perspective which you can base your decisions. That is the depth of our unconditional love for you. You are it! You who are changing the world. We only support your creations. That is our role.

We do not know or see the future. We can see trends and potentials but it is you who are creating the outcomes. We know this is not always what you want to hear. For so long you have depended upon your concept of God who is the overseer and director of your lives. You have seen God as a father who looks after you and answers your prayers. You have worshiped this God very much by faith. You have not believed that there can be true two-way communication between you and God. Often you have desired to speak more personally with this God. But you have not felt worthy of such an act. You have believed that it is only the old ones of the Bible times who could have access to such a great one as the “Heavenly Father.”

Dear ones, we tell you now that you can, and do, have a direct connection and two-way communication with God and hosts of other celestial beings who are and have been waiting for you to awaken to who you really are.

Your beliefs of many ages have held you steadfast in the paradigm of limitation and, yes, spiritual weakness. This weakness, these beliefs keep you from moving forward into your own Divine Will. God has never placed limits on humanity. It is humanity who has placed limitation upon itself. It is through your own plan and life design that you have arrived where you are today.

You have created the world as it is today. And you can create another world or worlds as you so choose.

Dear ones, you are the creators. You have lived in the darkness for eons about who you are. We are here to help you to awaken. We are here to help you to discover your Divinity, your Divine Will.

It is our agreement with you that we will be here as your servants, if you will, to allow you this opportunity to awaken. We are not superior to you or anyone. And you are not superior to us. But you have chosen a path that most of us on this side would not and did not take.

For this we honor you deeply and we are honored to be of service to you.

Oh, dear ones. If you only knew the extent of the love that is bestowed upon you. But we know you soon will—if you so choose.

We are the Council of Light and we love you dearly.

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