The Human as Sacred Site

You are discovering that you do not need to be in a special place under special conditions to channel or be in your center. That would be missing the point altogether.

You see, the Master is able to be in his Center at all times, in all circumstances. It truly does not matter where you are for the process of enlightenment to proceed. It is a myth, an old belief that it is best to go special places in order to expand spiritual awareness. These beliefs are distractions at best and at worse, actual impediments to the integration process because they actually tend to keep the seeker focused on the external energies, rather than going within to uncover the wisdom and truth.

These beliefs, while perhaps serving humanity at some time, no longer serve. Places like Sedona, Machu Pichu, Mesa Verde, though beautiful and very active energetically, do not help the seeker to ascend because the seeker often becomes so enamored with these outside energies that they forget to go within. These energies are not intentionally seductive. They are what they are, no more, no less. They are fully being themselves. They are authentic. It is the humans who place the mystical aura around these sacred sites.

Yes, the sites are sacred but no more scared than a human, any human, not just the active seekers. Dear ones, you are a sacred site in and of yourself. You are a Divine entity in a human body. To place anyone or anything above yourself is in a way defiling that Sacred Site that is you. This is not a judgment, but a clarification of who you are. You no longer need to defile the temple of your God Self.

You can actually begin to see that You Are God Also, that the Divine Spark, your God Self actually is who you are. You are God also, dear one. We remind you time and again so that you will finally recognize that what you seek has been within you all along. You are Divine. You are a sacred site, as more sacred as any site on your planet, for you are a conscious human who can be conscious of his identity.

You are a Divine Sacred site.

We will remind you often of the truth for you need to hear it often. We want you to become accustomed to the sound of those words and to the energetic power that they convey.

You are a Divine and Sacred Site.

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