Belief Systems: The Death of Zarqawi

And so we once more see the play upon your planet. [Referring to the death of al-Zarqawi.] There is much more than meets the eye for the head of the serpent has been removed. But there is another serpent. In this game you play, there is always another serpent for the script calls for it—and so on it goes.

Until you see your life here as a play you will always need a serpent to scare you and you will always need to slay the serpent.

This play in your Middle East is occurring without the carnage that could have been. Enough has changed but it is not over. Not for some of your decades. This is partially why your Earth was not ready to integrate. The people chose to stay the course some years ago with your elections (of 2002 and since). They chose the old ways as we have said before.

And so we are back to belief system are we not? Can you see how your belief systems color your choices, conscious or unconscious? You can continue to believe in the battles between good and evil. Do you see that your perception is clouded by your belief in the goodness and evilness of the systems themselves?

You in the United States believe your system is good. It’s the best in the world, you say. Then you proceed to find other systems that are bad. Some are so bad that you take it upon yourselves to destroy them. Can you yet see that you create the situations so that you prove the righteousness of your actions?

You actually celebrate the destruction of the enemies you create. You even believe God is on your side even as you fail to notice that the other side is proclaiming that God is on their side. It would be quaint if it weren’t so deadly.

Your beliefs are so comfortable with you, no matter how deadly they may be. You still find comfort in then, you create hell and judgment to create great fear around death. Then you create heaven to make you feel better about the fear of death and eternal damnation.

You create an angry and judgmental God, and then you create a system through which you can appease that God so that he will judge you gently and lovingly if you are good and obey his rules. Can you see that you create these things through the belief systems that you also create?

You, dear ones, are the creators. There is no God outside of you pulling the strings of your lives. You create these illusions through your beliefs.

Why do you never stop to question your beliefs? Are you afraid of what you will find? Are you afraid to see yourselves truly as you are? Could you handle that kind of responsibility? Can you take full and sole responsibility for your lives? Is that what scares you?

Does it frighten you to know you are the creator of your life? That you are collectively responsible for life as it is on your planet?

Dear ones, we do not judge you. We are here only to help you awaken to your essence, to your authentic selves. You have judged yourselves enough. Now it is time for you to see your creatorship. You are, indeed, God also.

You believe in evil, and so it is. But you will not let yourselves believe you created evil. No, you choose to believe that evil is and therefore you know from experience that it is true.

You believe in god in a myriad of forms and each of your cultures believes he exists in the form handed down generation to generation by the religious belief systems you created to perpetuate your version of god or gods.

You believe that god, the great one who oversees the Universe, created all things, but you don’t quite know what to do with the creation of evil. Did God, who created all things create evil? Did God create Satan? How could that be and why would God do that?

Many of you like the answer, “Well there are just some things that we are not meant to understand.” That’s a convenient way out of the paradox, isn’t it? You created your paradox and your way out of it.

Do you see how inventive you are?

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