Belief Systems: Society

We continue our discussion of belief systems, just when you think we’ve exhausted our discourse.

Your belief systems are the engines of your duality. It is your ideas and beliefs that drive your dual world. In fact, it keeps your duality healthy.

Belief systems are the very essence of your world as you know it. As you begin to dismantle your belief systems you dismantle your societies. You have constructed a means to preserve life as you know it.

Belief systems are the building blocks of churches, governments, and economic systems. Know that as you question your beliefs, you are questioning the very foundations of your world. This is not for the faint of heart. It is the beginning, however, of a new world in which you live by your divine choice rather than a set of rules.

This living by divine will has never before been tried by as many people as is now possible. You think societies of the past were more advanced. You think Atlanteans were ahead of you.

There has never been a more advanced group of humans than you today—not on Earth, not anywhere. No other group has been in the physical and at the same time realized their divinity. Of course, it has happened by individuals throughout time, but never on a scale as this.

Never have so many been willing to question their reality, their belief systems on such a scale as you have.

It is a phenomenon unparalleled.

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