Great Eagle: Buffalo Medicine Is Whole

Let there be no more lies. Let us smoke the Sacred Pipe with each other for the pipe represents truth between us. Let the smoke of our spirits guide our every action. Let the Spirit Buffalo guide us so that we call in the Ones who are with us to bring the abundance of all things, Buffalo Medicine. Buffalo Medicine is whole, it is true, it is healed.

Buffalo Medicine was for the Red Man the abundance of life on Earth. Buffalo gave us all the things we needed to live abundantly in those times. When we saw the buffalo slaughtered we knew it was the end of our abundance, of our ways. But we have continued to hold on to those ways, though we have felt betrayed and cut off from Spirit.

But that old way of Buffalo Medicine had to die in order for the new buffalo Medicine to be birthed. The new Buffalo Medicine is for all two-leggeds, not just the red people. Abundance is for all human beings who are willing to give up the old ways. For too long the red man has held fast to the old ways hoping for the return of White Buffalo Woman. She has returned but we cannot see her for she has returned to all peoples. But the red man does not see her for he is looking for her in the old places. All people must allow themselves to look in new ways and new places in order to see and know Buffalo Medicine.

White Buffalo Calf Woman stands patiently with full compassion and love for all people. She sees no color of skin, only the people’s true divine colors. And she wishes for this knowledge to be known among all people, even if it comes through a white man — who was not always a white man. It is time for the red man to see that things are more than what they seem. By holding to the old ways, the red man and all people hold themselves in the struggle of life, of survival.

It is time for people to honor, love, and respect the old ways, but step boldly forward as warriors into the ways of the new Buffalo Medicine, as true warriors, as brave ones who see that compassion and forgiveness are the healing of the future. It is the new way of the warrior to seek new abundance for themselves and for their nations. It is the way of bringing peace upon the hearts off men and upon the spirits of the ancestors, so that we may move forward in the times that were foretold by White Buffalo Woman so many ages ago.

It is no longer just the red man’s knowledge. It is for all peoples, all nations.

Smoke with me the sacred pipe of truth that we may feel the truth of Spirit. Great Buffalo stands among us, steadfast in the strength of our Mother Earth and connects us to the abundance of our Father Sky. Let all our brothers stand with forgiveness for the past and compassion for the times we see now.

For it is through the courage to see all our brothers as our brothers that we bring the Spirit of White Buffalo Calf Woman into the tipis and lodges of our hearts so that all men and women of all nations can know her great compassion.

Tatanka is here. Tatanka is now.

I Am Great Eagle.

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