Forgive Yourselves

It is always a joy for us to join with you, feel your energy, and communicate with you in this way.

It has been a while since we spoke with you last and you were all experiencing a variety of emotions and feelings throughout your holiday season. Around the holiday season [Christmas] there seems to be a lot of guilt and feelings that you should do this and should do that based upon traditions and beliefs about what the season is.

All of these things [beliefs] have to do with judgment. Dear ones, we want to know there is no judgment outside of yourselves. There is no being who sits in judgment of you. You judge yourselves. We tell you now that the Totality of All That Is does not judge you.

We do not judge you. You are loved unconditionally and completely. There is no need for judgment for you have allowed yourselves to delve deeply into your duality, and dear ones, it was never intended that you need go so deep into the duality. It was not necessary. But you chose to, but we tell you that it is time for you to forgive yourselves for all those things you’ve imagined you’ve done in this lifetime and throughout the billions of years that you’ve played in the many realms.

We ask you, we tell you, that it is possible to forgive. You can step into your etheric mansion or stand in front of a mirror, or how ever you wish to do this, and talk to yourself. Look yourselves in the eyes and forgive yourselves. Forgiveness is a key for you to allow your Divine Spark to enliven and to allow the love of the Totality of the All That Is to wash over your heart. Forgive yourselves. For the rest of us, there is nothing to forgive so you are forgiven already. Forgive each aspect of you, each part of you, that you have created over the eons. Each part of you can be forgiven if you only choose that.

Dear ones, it is time for you to step into your fullness. If you could only see who you really are, if you could only accept who you really are, and what you have done, you would be transformed immediately. Do not doubt these words that we share with you. We do not speak these words to flatter you. We speak this truth from our heart to yours for it is time for you to step fully and completely into All That You Are. There is no need to wait. There is nothing else to wait for. You can choose now to forgive yourselves and to allow the fullness and the love of the Universe and the Supreme Creator to flood into your heart and so fill you with Who You Are that there will never, ever be another doubt.

We do not speak these words lightly, dear ones. If you allow, you will feel the energy behind the words. It is time for you to say “Yes!” to All That You Are. It is time for you to breathe in the love-breath of All That You Are! And we will remind you until you breathe that love-breath deeply into you so that you feel what we say.

Dear ones, keep breathing. Hold on to that Spark of Knowing that you all have experienced. That is your standard of who you are.

Dear ones, we love you dearly. We love you completely, and we hold you close to our hearts.

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