Consider Your Habits

Yes, indeed in these past few days, we should say weeks, there has been a sort of hibernation, if you will. During that time you have processed and moved tremendous amounts of energy even when you were believing that there was nothing going on. In fact, some of you actually experienced some times of depression.

We tell you now that that was not you, that you were feeling much of the energies around you and that in some cases you were looking for particular experiences based upon information that has been delivered recently in channels. You were expecting that there would be a sudden shift at the turn of the year, or in January you were expecting a switch to be flipped and then suddenly you would see things differently.

As you probably know by now, when you consider it, that things usually don’t happen that way. Transitions are usually more fluid. And so as you work through this month of January past and February, you will discover that slowly you will see that the changes are occurring. It is appropriate at this time that you begin to share your experiences with the group. And we would point out that there are no bad experiences or one experience is no better than another. To consider another person’s experience and think it is better than yours is a habit. Many Shaumbra still continue to look at the experience of others and diminish their own.

And so we ask you: “Writing a book” is not a beautiful experience? “Being aware that you are truly magnificent and powerful and that you can create miracles whenever you want” is not a beautiful experience?

We ask you to consider your habits. It is time, dear beloved masters, that you consider your habits.

You are ascended masters but as a human you have developed habits and routines and traditions over your life times that are now coming forward for you to bless and release and transform. It is time for you to respect and honor your experiences. Your mind may tell you they are small. We ask you to consult your heart. We ask you to consult gnost. Does your heart, does gnost, does your Higher Self, consider your experiences to be less than anyone’s? We suggest the answer is, “No!” You are a Divine Human! Your experience is yours and yours alone and it is to be honored. No matter how small or insignificant your mind tells you it is, we ask you to see what it really is.

Beloved Masters, we do not remind as a way of scolding or to treat you as a child. We speak directly now because we know you can see it for yourselves! Open you eyes to see. Feel yourself now. Feel the energy of you now as we speak! It is not our energy. It is your energy that you feel coursing over your body in the form or goosebumps or whatever it is that you experience. It is your experience. Too often, beloved masters, you give your experience away to us, or to some other channeler, or to Shaumbra.

We ask you to claim who are now! Claim this experience! Claim the experience of All That You Are now! Let your self feel that. Let this course through your veins to every part of your human body. Feel to your core All That You Are. Breath with this. Breathe this in! Take a deep breath and say Yes!” Say, “Yes!” to all that you are. Allow yourself to feel the joy and the love of All That You Are!

Beloved Masters, we honor you. We hold you in our hearts.

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