Out of Control

Greetings, dear ones. We are the Council of Light and we love you dearly!

It is a time of great change for you and all of your creation. This change is coming rapidly now and with great conflict within many humans. As you feel the old slipping away, a feeling of uncertainty and fear can seem to take hold. This feeling of being out of control is true. You are out of control. You were never in control. This belief system you created that allows you to be in control is an illusion.

You have been walking in a hypnotic state, an illusion, that you control your life. You even have come to believe that you can control the Earth changes around you. You believe that you collectively are the cause of the Earth’s fever and upheavals. That, too, is an illusion. You may contribute but you do not cause. Of course, you have contributed various and sundry elements into the atmosphere in the form of hydro-carbons and other chemicals. This only helps to warm up the atmosphere more quickly, but it is not the cause.

You planet is a living entity. She is not “sick” as many of your environmentalists would have you believe. (They are not intentionally lying to you; it is a belief they have based upon limited “scientific” information.) Planet Earth is going through a process that if she were human you would call “ascension.” She is evolving and the process triggers certain physiological changes just as it does within a human going through a similar process.

You do not need to concern yourselves with her changes. We tell you now, look to yourselves as you allow yourselves to expand and grow. As you do, you will discover that the Earth changes do not effect you as much. As you accept your changes along with her changes, you will begin to notice a flow, and an easing of the tension.

If you will continue to practice your deep breathing, your changes will come into sync with Earth changes. In that way you are actually “helping” her, the planet, in her process. The process becomes compatible and reciprocal.

It is important that you continue to breathe and allow your Divine Selves to come closer and integrate with you. This integration process will happen and is happening naturally if you choose it to be that way.

We realize it is easy to be caught up in the drama of your media events, but that is a choice that you can make. You can stand back as an observer, rather than a participant. Your ability to look to yourself, to breathe in All That You Are, does and will continue to do more for the processes occurring within and around you than any kind of activism you could participate in.

These are great and historic times that you are experiencing. It is a time of great celebration for the humans, you, are awakening to your Godhood, your Creatorship. If you choose to allow yourselves to be distracted by the melodrama swirling around you, you could miss the joy of the celebration. We are not saying you will miss the process, but you could miss the party!


It was not us on this side of the veil who created this grand event. It was and is you, the Ascended Masters, the Grand Angels of Light, who took on the density of physicality and proceeded to step out of the hypnotic fog of physicality. You chose to step out of Mass Consciousness into a new age of true enlightenment and awareness. We on this side of the veil are your strongest supporters, your most admiring cheerleaders, for you have accomplished what many on this side thought was not possible.

It was a long shot, or so it was believed by many. We tell you now, do not believe the continuous lies and illusions emanating from your media, from those who are choosing to continue the sleep walk. Their beliefs are holding them back, but they cannot and do not hold you back.

You are the creators, the masters, who have answered the call from that innermost and glorious Being within. You have responded to that Divine One that you are, the One who is whispering so lovingly to your heart to awaken you as gently as you wish.

And so it is, dear masters, that we encourage you to breathe in fully the Grand One that you are. Step fully and fearlessly into the new divine clothes of All That You Are.

We are the Council of Light and we love you dearly and completely.

You are never alone.

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