The Undiscovered Country

Greetings, dear ones. We are the Council of Light and we love you dearly.

You are embarked upon a voyage into the world of the unknown. Unknown potentials. Unknown Earth. Unknown lives. You are the bravest of souls because you have chosen to go before the others. You have been told of this before. You have felt it but you do not believe it. You doubt your bravery and courage even as you continue blazing the trails into the unknown world of your creations.

We tell you now that you are the great ones—your energies and essences expand outwardly and inwardly simultaneously at even greater depths and speed.

You choose ascension even when you have no clear understanding of what that means. You continue to say, “Yes!” to All That You are—even as the aches and pains rack your bodies, even as you adjust and acclimate to the new energies. You continue to say, “Yes!” to the new adventures and challenges of allowing All That You Are to manifest in physical form.

Your bodies are acclimating rapidly but sometimes they do not keep pace with the work you are doing. You do not need to fear that something is wrong if you have discomfort or pain. You have carried the load for others and your aspects for so long that your bodies are now reluctant to let go the burden. It is familiar to you to carry the weight of the world—to be the energy holders. You do so from habit.

We remind you that you can let go of that responsibility. Your work is done. You are free to be the Creators in your fullness and limitlessness. You are free to be All That You Are. There is nothing that stands in your way except you for you have carried your beliefs about responsibility for so long it is hard to relinquish those aspects that cry out for freedom and integration.

You may wonder how freedom and integration can be. Freedom to integrate with All That You Are is what we mean. To hold your aspects even the dark ones at arm’s length keeps them in bondage. As long as you do not accept them, they are bound to you, but not free to come home. Your rejection of any one of your aspects does not allow that aspect to come home to You. Open your hearts, your Souls, to every aspect, every part of you, that you have ever been.

It is time, dear ones, to accept Your Selves as the Great Divine Ones you really are. You need not fear Your Selves for you are such Love and Compassion that you can never harm yourselves or any other being. It is impossible.

Oh, dear ones, we hear you cry out often in silence to us when you are in pain. We can only respond in love and compassion, just as your Soul Self responds to you with love and open arms. She is always ready to step close to you as close as you will allow.

It is your choice, dear ones. Yours and yours alone.

We invite you to breathe in your Soul Self. It is through the breath that you release your fears and doubts. It is the Breath of Love that brings you into the arms of All That You Are. You forget to breathe but we always remind you to breathe.

Yours is not an intellectual process. It is through breath that you discover the undiscovered country of You, the great country of All That You Are.

Allow yourselves to discover the Love and Compassion that is Who You Are.

We stand in awe of you and all that you continue to do.

We are the Council of Light and we love you dearly.

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