Earth Changes?

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We are the Council of Light and we love you dearly.

It is a time of great movement and measure. Measurements are taking place of the movement of consciousness. Consciousness is indeed shifting and you can see the results all around you in Earth’s environment.

It is the change in temperature of the totality, not just ambient air temperature. Air temperature fluctuates as the overall temperature continues to rise. It is this rise in atmospheric temperature that you can notice. This temperature is what determines the weather conditions. It is as though the Earth has a fever, much in the same way a human has a fever. It is normal for the human body to have a temperature ranging from 97° to 100° Fahrenheit. On the skin surface the temperature will fluctuate, of course, but the overall temperature is what remains normally around 98.6°.

However, as you know all too well, it is the overall temperature that is critical. You might say the Earth’s body has a fever. As that temperature rises even 1 or 2 degrees, you see results even now. Tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, and other events are occurring in places and ways that are unusual. Even in Columbus a tornado developed under unusual cool weather conditions. We do not say it was a first, but it is unusual. Have you not noticed that your storms have greater intensity? Have you not noticed that everything is more intense?

We would suggest that you not get trapped in the arguments about who or what is responsible for these changes. In fact, you all are responsible but not necessarily in the way you think. Your consciousness is shifting. As human consciousness shifts, so does the planet. If you hold back this change in consciousness, a tension is created that makes it more difficult for the Earth to go through changes in a more graceful manner. If you allow your consciousness to shift, and indeed invite the shift or change, the changes occur more smoothly and with less disruption.

Even if you do not accept this explanation, or any other explanation, are not the effects the same regardless? So, if it is normal that every so many thousand years the Earth’s temperature rises or lowers, are you not effected just the same? Whether it is human pollution or just a natural course of events, the result is the same: humans have a choice whether or not to adapt to the changes. Fighting the changes will only deepen the intensity.

We do not desire to bring fear to you. There is enough of that already on your planet. Rather, we wish to have you consider the effects of humans on the planet, but not just in regards to pollution, but more importantly, regarding your consciousness, your awareness or sensitivity to changes around you. Whatever the cause, Earth is changing. How humans react to these changes it to be considered. Are you choosing to go into fear and panic or are you choosing to breathe and allow yourself to adjust to the changes?

Many of the humans who panic will turn to their scriptures for guidance. Most will only see what they fear: the end of time as illustrated in many prophecies. Those who go into that fear deeply will have opportunities to experience their worst fears.

Others will choose another way. They will choose to begin to breathe deeply of the breath of life, the breath of God, called in your Hebrew language, ruwach. It is through this breath, this deep breathing into your belly region that will bring a process of clearing the fear energies.

This divine breath is a gift from Spirit to all humans who choose to accept it. This is not a “saving” breath. There is nothing to be saved from, except, perhaps, your fears and doubts. This breath of love is for you to enable you to see that you are now the stewards of the Earth.

Can you assume your role as Earth steward? No, it does not mean you go out on a campaign to “save the Earth.” She needs no saving. But can you breathe and allow your consciousness to gracefully change? That is all you need do. Breathe so deep into the very core of you that you release your fears and begin to become the true human.

Can you love yourself so much that you allow the consciousness to expand? Do it for yourself. You do not have to do it for Earth or anyone else. If you take care for yourself, you effect everything else. You do so now even in your fear. Do you not know that as you live in fear, you are effecting every thing–and everyone–else, also?

So dear ones, you can choose a shallow breath of fear, or you can choose the deep breathe of life.

Which do you choose?

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  1. Spicer Amy’s avatar

    I chose Breathing All That I Am; and I will continue as this is the pathway to integration and I am complete and at peace with this Earth. Maintenance with that and Earth harmony is core;the new Era that will be upon us all is welcome as the changes continue so must we continue with Breathe. We must allow ourselves to unfurl and become all that we are as surely as the Mother Earth is becoming all that she is and will be.No fear,just Peace.