Graceful Evolution

As you breathe us in more and more with each breath, you are expanding consciousness. This simple act of deep but gentle breathing begins to interact with all other energies, even so-called dark energy. The shift begins even with the first conscious breath.

It is not like a battle between good and evil forces. Rather, it is a ripple effect ever widening but never diminishing. The effect is like a guitar string when strummed. The guitar string reverberates and creates sound waves or vibrations which interacts with other objects. For example, a glass of water will begin to ripple if it is in close proximity to the guitar string.

A singer can shatter a glass when a certain frequency is maintained for a length of time. In much the same way as you continue your/our breath, your frequency expands and interacts with all other frequencies. How these other frequencies react is out of your control… or concern. You may have friends who begin to respond differently to you. Family members can comment or even become irritated by your presence. You, we assure you, have done nothing wrong. Your consciousness offers all who encounter it a choice. They may not be aware enough to know it or they have no explanation at all. others will be able to “explain” it away or rationalize their response to you. Some might even blame you. However, others may very likely want to ask you about what you are doing. They see you untouched by events of the day such as politics, mortgage crises, war, and other circumstances.

As the Earth changes intensify, there will be other opportunities for you to share your story with anyone who comes to you. You are and will be ready.

“Ruakh” is an ancient word for wind and breath. It was used extensively in ancient scripts to describe and explain, time and again, the importance of the breath of life. The Mayan word is “ik” (pronounced eek).

[Well, that’s simple enough.]

Yes, indeed. Simplicity is the best approach to things, including issues of your time. The environment issues have simple solutions if you only stop thinking and talking about how “complicated” these issues are. You call them complicated because you are still looking for solutions in the same old ways and places. This is another reason why it is important to expand consciousness.

As consciousness expands, the effect will be that the scientists and people working on the issues will be able to look past the old procedures and problem-solving methods to a clearer approach and understanding. As consciousness expands, new ideas and insights will just “pop in” and the scientists will be so surprised and amazed at how simple the solutions are–and they were there right in front of them all the while.

Expansion of consciousness is necessary for the planet to evolve gracefully and with a much smaller impact on your lives than otherwise. The gentle breath will smoothly allow for transition and transformation as more and more humans are introduced to and begin to practice simply breathing consciously.

Allow you to feel again. Allow you the joy of living. And invite us to join you. Allow the pleasure of life. It is this enjoyment without judgment that comes to you as you breathe deeply All That You Are.

And so as we close our conversation with you, we will remind you to breathe in All That You Are. We are you and you are We.

In La’kech. [Mayan for “I am you and you are me.”]


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