Communicating with Spirit

Recently, I had a conversation with my Soul Self regarding inter-dimensional communication. Many of you who have been on the journey for a while may not find anything new here. Nonetheless, I’m putting this “on the wind,” a gentle wind, for those who stumble upon this site. 😉

We like to think it is an open two-way communication instead of one-way messages from on high. In fact, we on this side find it very funny that you on that side place such a special value on our communications with you. Oh, we do love the communication but it is quite normal and natural for a human to actually talk to us, not as a form of meditation or prayer, but direct conversation. This is what we want the humans to understand. We want you to allow this communication with you.

But so many of the humans are afraid that they are doing wrong if they open up and talk with us. They have been taught about spirits and spooks to the point that they have come to believe that if the talk with “angels” they are committing a sin. They are afraid of evil spirits. Of course, you must use discretion and discernment. If something doesn’t feel right to you or for you, honor your feelings. you are not in danger; follow your instinct and feelings. If you feel like your energy is being depleted then don’t have contact and demand that the spirit be gone. (Yes, you have every right to do that.) No entity of love and compassion will ever ask you for adoration, worship, or otherwise ask you in any way for anything that serves to take energy away from you. No entity of love and compassion will tell you what to do.

In fact, the opposite will occur. Any being of love and compassion will honor your choices, including if you choose not to communicate. No matter how much we love speaking with you, we will never demand it of you. We continue to love you and honor you in compassion for you and your choices.

We love so much when humans allow us to come close enough to feel our love and hear our words. But it is not necessary and we do not need such communication for we know that sooner or later in one lifetime or another, or on this side, we will have communion with you once again. We have all the time in the universe—and so do you.

The joy we feel when a human opens up enough to feel us is strong, indeed. Maybe they never allow themselves to consciously talk with us, but eventually the trust will grow until it is commonplace for them to feel our presence.

As you know, they sometimes create all kinds of explanations but it actually comes down to feeling our energy of unconditional love and compassion. By “we” we mean all of us and that includes the Soul Self. Make no mistake that your Soul Self is with you and has so much love and compassion for you.

In truth, there really is no separation like there seems to be in your physical world. On this side, we see very clearly how the energetic expressions are merely that—expressions of the One Source. Even in your physical plane there is only a facade of separation. That is the duality at play with you. Each human is a divine expression of his or her Soul Self and the Soul Self is a divine expression of the Source of Life.

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  1. Amy’s avatar

    I had a dream last evening about birds. It was strange in that I never did actually see the birds at first but heard them. I was at my computer listening to one of the podcasts on this site and at times through-out the podcast I would hear birds chirping; more than one and they were talking to one another. It was alittle startling at first but after a while was as if I were transported into a sunshine filled meadow with a little red finch perched on a person’s finger in front of me. The being in front of me was speaking the words of the podcast and chirping to the little finch. This is all I can remember of the dream but I hope it resonates with someone,or the bird may have meaning I’m not sure. But communing with spirit can be accomplished in so many ways that investigating dreams, visions, or even channeling sessions may provide a wealth of understanding if not for you alone maybe someone else, using you as the conduit. There should be no fear here; as is stated in this article NO spirit of love and compassion will ever require you to do anything. the ISIS energy is that of love, nuturing, and life ;so give of yourself too, you will be amazed at how simple that love and understanding is and how comforting she is to your soul self when the communion is complete. Peace.