What!? Missing Again?

I’ve been feeling disconnected the past few days, as though my Soul Self was no longer near by.

Today I began to realize there had been a shift in my energy field, meaning that I had to feel “Us” in a different way and in a different place. I had to trust my knowing that when I write or when I speak, I Am speaking with One Voice. It is not so much that I channel “Us”. I channel All That I Am, All That I Am channels me.

This is very much different from what we have come to know as channeling. The old form of channeling was that a human would give permission to allow messages from entities to come through. There was little participation on the part of the human who was acting as a medium or channel for the entity’s message. Then we upgraded to a new way in which the channeler was somewhat of a participant by remaining aware and acting as interpreter.

In this new consciousness there is very little, if any, distinction between the channeler and the message. The channeler is a fully aware participant as the message comes from the Soul Self of the channeler. The Soul energy may be a blend or meld of others’ energies, but in the new consciousness the channeler/messenger is speaking with his or her One Voice.

The One Voice is a meld of the Soul Self and at times others; for example, Quetzalcoatl, Ra, Metatron, Saint-Germain, and/or others. There may be circumstances in which one or the other is identified, but for all intents and purposes the Soul Self speaks with its own authority and integrity.

This new way may take some time for other humans to accept because many are still looking to the old consciousness places for the messages from Spirit. They will still be able to find what they need, but will perhaps begin to open up and look in new places for the messages they want to hear. Eventually, they will discover that they hold within themselves the means and abilities to receive their own guidance and messages.

You see, each person’s Soul Self is the purest message and energy that any human can experience. Oh, the ones on the other side of the veil love to speak with us, but they encourage us to listen to our own Soul’s guidance first and foremost.

Listening to and accepting guidance from our Soul Self is what is meant by “following Divine Will.” As god also, the loving and compassionate guidance of our Soul Self is the purest form of guidance we can receive. Oh, it is indeed joyful to communicate with all the others who also lovingly offer support and encouragement, but the purest form of communication comes from our Soul Self. I know there is some redundancy here, but it is very important that the awakening human realize the significance of his or her own Soul Self.

In the old consciousness, we humans tended to run to others for our inspiration because we did not trust our Soul Selves to “do the job” for us. We did not realize that our Soul Self was actually as grand an entity or angle as, say, Lord Michael or Tobias, or whomever. We were in denial of our own Divine Nature.

In this new consciousness, we expand our awareness to embrace the magnificence of our Soul Self, but not at the exclusion of those others who have been so loving and faithful in their reminders and proddings to us to awaken into the knowing of All That We Are.

Our Soul Self is God also and is waiting for our invitation to come so close that we no longer feel a distinction between the human self and the Soul Self. The current human personality being expressed on this Earth at this time can integrate with the Soul Self and, if we choose so, the human self can actually embody the Soul Self. This goes beyond integration to actual embodiment of All That We Are.

This is ascension. This is walking upon the Earth as a divine human, with full consciousness of the Soul Self. In other words, we follow the example of Yeshua and others, which, of course, does not make us better than anyone else. It merely indicates that we are more aware than many others. We are perhaps inspirations to other humans who may begin to awaken.

For centuries it was believed by many humans that this kind of awareness or consciousness was only available to a select few and then only after being freed from the physical body. Perhaps that was true in those times, but in this new consciousness, it is available to everyone.

It is possible to step out of mass consciousness into new consciousness while remaining here on the planet as human.

And that is worth staying here for.


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  1. Amy’s avatar

    ASCENSION is vital. The way of our Soul Selves will manifest within once one accepts this simple truth. You can always rely on yourself as the means to achieving it through the simple breath and the mantinence of your body and mind. Don’t harbor doubts or bad experiences from this life(or others), you can sort through them as a way to learn some vital lesson but don’t dwell. All That You Are will become one with this human energy and then you will see how clean,strong, and whole you can be. The way of the spirit needs this energy to keep ourselves within synch of Earth’s vibrant being. As a planet it too resonates with energy and power as a being . All creatures and life here need it. The creations in all our vast universe as well. True God-self IS a manifest of God and as such we MUST be benevolent and resonate our energies with one another in and for a POSITIVE manner. At this time of year people like to “preach” about”Peace on Earth” and “Good will to men”, but it’s hollow without the ascension of which we speak. The “holiday season” is a perfect opprotunity for all awakening humans to seek out one another to begin the process of change. As everything does change the coming years will prove it is imminent for us all. The old ways, places, and rememberances were a lesson, what you gleen from it is truly a personal thing to the Soul Self. Assimilate these into yourself and then ascension is possible. Channeling with the departed ones are a joy and may help you reach this level also. We may become different to those we know and who know us; this is natural because you wil not be the same any longer. If they choose to accept this change and move forward with you so much the better but if not they may have something else they need to do before they can follow. Just accept that and go on. I can see how that would be sad for some, but in the new consciousness that is All That we Are we can only guide and assist, no forcefulness is needed. Gentle touch, healing and truly soothing with a soft hum only you and the other can hear is the way of the Breath. You may do this together or as yourself alone. A quiet dimmly lit place is best but it can be accomplished sitting in noisy traffic ( but be careful). Breathe as is described in the archives and just take your fingertips and softly stroke your skin, slow gentle movements until you feel the slight tingle, then as you breathe let your mind go to it’s place of one-ness, you will notice an immediate sense of calm and relaxation. Excellent for daily stress reduction. Also wonderful as healing for others. As a nurse I find Healing Touch is an excellent way to both bond with the patient, engender trust, and make headway towards curative intent. Practice this and you will come to find all the possibilities it can provide in your life as well.