Walking into Wakan Tanka, the Great Mystery

And it is so that we stand with you as you step fully into the Great Mystery of Your Selves and into the new time. We bring the Abundance of Life for you have asked. Great Eagle and Tatanka, along with all your totem animals, are your messengers, your servants as you heal and open the seven centers.

We celebrate with you the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman, Pte san Wi, who brought us the Sacred Pipe of Healing and Truth. It is the return of the feminine and the joining of the feminine and masculine within the hearts of all humans, just as she promised would be so. Whether you speak of Isis, Sophia, or Pte san Wi, it is the Goddess that returns to join with Adam mending the past with their love of one another.

There is so much that we have waited to share with you. It is not that we have such wisdom to share, but it is your wisdom that we love to reflect back to you. It is you whom we have awaited so that we can walk with you as in the days of old. But in this New Earth Time, we walk as old friends and colleagues, side by side, shoulder to shoulder into Wakan Tanka, the Great Mystery. We wish to be with you and to serve you for it is you that carries the seeds of expansion.

We greet you now as brothers and sisters blind to the color of skin for when a human walks into Wakan Tanka there is no separation, only unity. We stand with you ready to assist you in your opening into the Great Mystery of You. It is time. Allow us and all your totems to assist you. Call on us, talk to us for we yearn to hear your voice and the Breath of your Spirit upon us.

We celebrate you and with you as you continue your sacred path into Wakan Tanka, the Great Mystery, All That You Are.

We are You.
You are We.

Wabli Tanka and Tatanka

If you want to more about the story of White Buffalo Calf woman, click this link:

  1. Spicer Amy’s avatar

    As I have said while standing under the constellation of Virgo looking north for our starpath, we loved those walks thru the ancient sites at Karnack,Thebes and Alexandria. The temples and tombs in the Valley are only sand covered cliffs now;Isis,Sophia and Bastet are we;and as we do belive there is nothing greater in life or eternity than loving another and being loved in return, for loving is the ultimate of experiences. We are Angels with only one wing, and we can only fly if embracing each other. For only then are we complete. Thanks Leo.