Wisdom Magic

I Am here at this glorious time to share with all humans the Abundant Life. I Am here to walk with you by your side during this Age of Transition.

It is time to bring home the Wisdom of the ages. There is no reason now to limit Who You Are. The Ages of Atlantis contain great wisdom. Allow the darkness of Atlan to join with all that was light of Atlan and bring them home. There is wisdom contained within what you call light and dark from all times.

Bring home the wisdom that is now safe to use. This wisdom is your magic. The native peoples referred to this magic as medicine and so it is time to heal this medicine. Breathe and allow Raven Medicine to heal. Breathe and allow Eagle Medicine to heal. Owl, Hummingbird, Hawk and, yes, even Turtle, all await you. Each of you carries a piece of the great puzzles of life. You breathe the Breath of Life into each of your totems and that, dear ones, is the healing.

The medicine of these great Spirits has been dormant waiting for you to breath life back into them. They each contain Wisdom for you and for Earth in these times but it is for you to unlock the magic. You do not “own” the totem but you can unlock the energy that you sealed up so long ago, much in the way you sealed your seven centers until such time that you would once again take up your sword of Truth.

In the New Consciousness you will need the full armor of this wisdom magic. This wisdom magic cannot be abused this time, nor will you be abused for your mastery of it. This time you will help others see that they, too, possess the capability of knowing such wisdom and that you will share with them this knowing.

Dear ones, it is time to be bold, to say “Yes!” to All That You Are. Ascended Masters are here to assist you to awaken fully to YOU as your brothers and sisters. Many of them will be coming in to help on your side of the veil. But it is you who are already here in human form. They do not come to show you the way. That is what you are doing: showing them the way. Yes, we can assist but it is you who are the way showers for you “boldly go where no one has gone before.”

And so we invite you to get to know us. Let us be of service to you for we have waited for this moment. Talk to us. Share your journey with us. Express what you feel with us just as you do with your Soul Self.

I Am Tatanka

  1. Amy’s avatar

    Yes, it is with the magic of the Great Bear and Hawk that we will fly to the land of the Kitchi Manitou for the land of the spirits dwells within all of us.

  2. She began the ascent to the summit of the highest foothill of Stone Island, the low mountains were her home for all these years, and for her ancestors before her. It is cold but not winter, she is now 97 years old and her bones are weary. The small black velvet bag at her hip bangs painfully against her hip as she climnbs. It makes her think of the four hills of life in the tales the old men used to tell around the campfires. The first hill is in infancy where many do not even get a chance to begin the arduous climb, the second is in childhood and adolescence where many mature and begin to discover lifes possibilities, the third hill is in middle age when many too are lost, and the climb becomes sharply steep, it is hard for those on this hill to look back and see their loved ones struggling on the other hills but they must go on are pushed on by time and fate lest they too become lost and wander off on some false trail. The fourth hill is the hardest and only able to be bested by the very best climbers, this hill is strewn with treachorous rocks and pitfalls with many blind canyons, but she has made it to the top and now stands to survey all the landsacpe below.
    The pain in her chest comes at once with the cresting of the hill, she doesn’t have much time left. She must dig the hole and bury the velvet bag of her medicines as her forefathers did when they too met their end.
    The shamans ways are not to be left when one leaves this Earth. They must be returned to Mother Earth so Father Sky and she will be complete.
    It was her line of descent that came to Stone Island from the eastern mountains of Appalachia traveling so far from the home they knew by the great ocean. She was taught many ways of medicine by her great-grandmother and she before her by her father. At 97 she has outlasted all her relatives and even some of her children, the spark within her was great. But when the whites came all was made different and somehow wrong. She studied and reflected waiting for some divine knowledge of how to fight this enemy but it seemed as if her guardian the great Bear had left her until on that day she saw in the sky a great cloud; and this cloud became denser as it flew fast to the north. It changed into the shape of a giant wolf snowy white as the cloud itself, it told her to not despair for the way of the spirits had not forsaken her, all would be revealed she just had to remember she only had to call on Him and He will be there.
    She now knelt to the ground and as the pain eased she leaned forward until her head met the earth, she called with all her skill and soul for her guardian, the great Bear and as she meditated on this she noted a noise in the grass as the breeze might blow a leaf by; she looked up in time to see a giant black bear looming over her larger than the ordinary brown variety known to the island reserve, she had to squint up as the sun was behind the animal and as she met the eyes ,bright fierce shiny black she saw the truth. So simple, Love one another that was the secret to life. She quickly buried her bag under the soil loose at the base of the big fir tree she was next to and when she again looked up to the bear he had transformed into a hawk sitting on the branch of the fir next to her. He jerked his head up and down at her job of burying her medicine bag and beckoned to her to get on his back it was time to take flight. As she watched the blue,green and brown earth fall away all she could see ahead was the bright shining light of the sun disk and all she felt was the love of the ages in her heart . This remeberance was a difficult one for me as I felt I witnessed my own death. But at it’s heart I see that the one truth is that LOVE is what can and will heal these terrible times ahead.

  3. Yes, I am ready. I thank you for the enlightenment. I have enjoyed the weekend also with this new mystery school that is now present again. I am feeling so free and open as all of that which has been dark is now ready for it’s debut. Love and honor you for you.