A Dream

Yesterday, I had a dream about unlocking and opening doors. I could look through the keyhole of each door but that only gave me a very narrow view of what was behind the door. Each room contained potentials and experiences I had hidden and locked away for many lifetimes including this one. I realized that in order to find out what was waiting behind each door I would have to unlock and open it.

I feel that those humans who choose to be on a journey of awakening are at the unlocking stage. We can consciously breathe to unlock the potentials behind each door. Every room holds a gift if we are bold enough to unlock the door and pass through to the other side. Each door leads us closer and closer to that which is most unknown to us, the Undiscovered Country of our Soul. We are deeply afraid, some of us, of what lies behind each door.

Perhaps it is the fear of our Soul Selves that keeps us from turning the key to unlock the potentials…and the gifts. But what do we have to lose, really, if we discover who we are? What if we go beyond belief and platitudes about I AM into knowing all that I AM?

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  1. Jane’s avatar

    thanks so much for sharing this!!! It resonates deeply with me. I had an interesting dream last night as well….

    I was a long forgotten/lost member of the British Royal family. I returned home (it had a modern day feel) and everyone was excited to see me. Mostly the servants for some reason. They all knew who I was, but I was unsure. It felt so familiar, but at the same time unfamiliar. It’s hard to explain the feeling…it almost felt like I was a clumsy american thrown into british royalty and didn’t know how to act or know the royal traditions. The servants were so kind and treated me like royalty. It felt so good for everything to be taken care of and I felt so strongly, ‘this is how it should be’ They took care of everything and were so kind and funny. I was then getting ready to leave and go to australia. My plane left at 8 and I needed to leave at 6. I was saying my goodbyes and one servant came and did my make-up saying a royal can’t go out without make-up. I was worried I’d miss my flight because it was already 6 and there was still much to do and separate my stuff from the royal stuff. Then the butler came to me and said the head butler would call ahead and upgrade me to first class because a royal could only travel first class. Then the head butler came to me and I remembered I had keys that he gave me when I first arrived. There were two sets of gold keys. One was mine and had some of the royal keys on it, I took them off and gave them to him. I also handed the other keys to him. They all were strange shapes, one had a hook like a dental instrument only gold. I said to him ‘I almost forgot to give you the keys, I’d forgotten I had them. I didn’t even use them.’

    1. Ah, but could be that your key will open all your doors? Perhaps you were giving back the keys that belong to others knowing that you no longer need to be the keeper of their keys and that it is time for them to choose that responsibility for themselves.

    2. I see too the signifigance of the “unlocking” process. It is essential to do this . The remembrances I feel can be described as my unlocking those doors and seeing “what” there is to feel, know and touch. Also that would include “who” to see, feel and touch again to gain more understanding and continue the journey of self. I have kept many door closed maybe on purpose but with this journey there can be no fear and I know I have you all here for me. The “now” time will be the most difficult door I think. Because in many ways we have come to accept our past lives as all being to culminate at some point, and so the “now” with all we have done, felt, seen, plus those we have known, loved,love and done for will be there to examine. It will be a pleasure I;’m sure to reminice on them and see what we have gained and how special we truly are. I am here with you and love as always I would give to all on this journey. Truth, the one truth shall prevail and be made known to all.