Change Everything

We wish to remind you that you are the ones in charge on your dear planet. You have raised consciousness to a level in which you release the elementals from their duties in balancing the energies. The Ancient Ones no longer need to hold the balance. That mantel has shifted to your shoulders.

This will mean that it is time for you to assume responsibility as divine humans. Your awareness is now expanded to the degree that you are no longer to allow yourselves to be victims of prophecies. There have been dire predictions through the ages of the terrible things to come. Through your work to expand consciousness you have changed those forecasts. Even now when you hear of terrible weather patterns or tales of doom from your media, you know what to do. Breathe and change the potentials. It is that simple. You do not have to sit by as terrible potentials play out.

There are those humans who wish to see this destruction and suffering as a rather perverse desire to be able to say, “We told you so.” You as divine, aware humans do not have to pray for a saviour or wave your hands about making incantation as in the old times. Each of you is a saviour. You are the one you have been waiting for and it is your divine and conscious breath which changes everything.

There is no need for global or wide-spread catastrophes. You are the ones who breathe and bring balance and integration to light and dark.

And so we invite you to breathe consciously. Breathe with your Soul and you change everything.

  1. Amy’s avatar

    You know Terry your timing is again impeccable; as you say those sneaky synchronisities, I was given a thought vision yesterday at approx. 2:20pm that today at approx. 11 am I would hear something I’d been waiting to hear and needed to hear so again I see it. Thanks for the energy! I’m sure we all need it. Gotta stay focused, no bothering with the Earthly stress of everyday things; of the media “storms “; keep breathing the change every day however often you may need to do it; it really does make a difference in how things are percieved.

  2. I have what I am considering a New Energy feeling about this. On the one hand, I don’t feel a part of what is going on in the Earth. For a number of years, I have felt like I am a step or two away from it all, and that it is the game of those who are still in the hypnotic trance of the old energy ways. Yet, on the other hand, I want to, and do, breathe to shift the potentials of doom and gloom as well as simply knowing that everything on the planet is going to be different than mass consciousness believes. I am willing and happy to breathe and assist in the shifting but it’s not really my game

    1. Hi, Julia,
      Yes. By “Change Everything” we mean “change yourself.” It is not about worrying about or trying to prevent anything. Simple conscious breathing does change everything without focus, concentration, or intent. Bringing ourselves into balance does change everything.

    2. Never before have I so needed to hear this; I am capable of this change and through the Breathe I will prevail. It is time to consiously know and do as you say ,as I see the very essential truth in it. Thank you for sharing your energies; as always, love to you and all.

      1. Prophets only see potentials not necessarily which one will actually manifest. Even some of the “New Age” prophets seem to be attracted to dire, fear-based circumstances. Yes, there are changes occurring but we can breathe and stay in balance ourselves so that Earth changes are smoother and in balance. It is important not to go into fear. Remember, the Y2K bug, after all the terrible forecasts, didn’t have much of a bite.