Participate in a New Way

Yesterday morning, I was awakened by a message contained in a dream. I don’t remember the dream details but I do remember the message.

Participate in a new way!

It’s what woke me up. The phrase kept repeating itself all day long, over and over. So, what does it mean, this enigmatic message? It’s related to the previous post, “Change Everything.” This seems to be a theme for me. An earlier “Tweet” of mine in Twitter was “Everything has changed.” I didn’t know at the time exactly what I meant, but it was just a knowing.

Saturday morning I wrote a quick note to me from Me. I thought I would not make it public, but I’ll share it now since it seems to be related.

It is a time of discovery. Allow All That You Are to speak to you. Listen to your Soul whispering to you, “Peace. Be still and know that I AM.” Remember who you are. There are those who will see you not as who you are but as who they think you are and that is appropriate.

Look for Us in all places for the shifts and changes are so rapid now that when we appear to you it will never be in the same place.

Be still now for you have the time and place to be with Us in solitude and compassion. We will not always use lofty words, but rather We come to  you simply and gently as you continue to draw closer with each breath. Feel Us breathing with you for it is true that we breathe each other. It is a two-way street, dear one, for you are dear to Us.

Invite all into Us for we are here to embrace all that we have ever been. It is only you who can choose to bring all home. It can only be accomplished as a human.

Allow your heart to be open to all love in all its forms. Love for yourself above all and love through yourself for others.

Participate in a new way. Let go of every idea or belief you ever thought was true… or not true. Nothing is the same. Don’t bother looking in the usual places for your truth. Let go of what you think it means to be Shaumbra. Release what you think. Release everything you believe. Trust only what you know (gnost).

Release whatever you think it means to “have a relationship” with your Soul. Release whatever you believe it means to be human. Release whatever you believe it means to be spiritual. It is nothing like what you have come to believe over so long time.

What you Know is your Wisdom. It is Wisdom that you, through your Soul, have accumulated over eons of time. She has held this for you until you were ready to receive.

Are you ready?

Breathe and receive.

  1. Amy’s avatar

    I understand your reference to finding in a new way and not looking in the same places, in finding what you seek you may never return to that same way again,as you will have transcended it, and that “old” way.
    To make the venture one must be prepared to BE in that now, to remain as NOTHING WILL be the same is the hard part, fear again may play a roll for many. Keep with the Breathe as it will be the saving grace, the allegions will be vast and together we will BE ALL THAT WE ARE, As ONE.

  2. Thanks, everyone, for sharing your thoughts. I love your participation!

  3. Thank-you for sharing this. I deeply resonate with your expression – it’s as though my soul is speaking to me ‘through’ you. I’ve been feeling the changes this past week, a knowing that things are different. Your message has given me clarity and further insight into my intuitions. xoxo.

  4. Every word here brings me to a great depth of feeling, and to great pinnacles of feeling as well, very expanded in other words. Something shifted dramatically for me toward the end of last week, and the reminders here to let go and release are timely, and much appreciated. I needed this in this moment, and of course here it is! I AM breathing to receive.
    In gratitude.