Remembering is Awakening

The memories of Atlantis will surface. They are surfacing and will continue. The use of crystalline material [for energy] will be discovered. It is the use of human psychic energy that resonated with crystalline structures of granite (a form of crystal) that generated energy to power technologies beyond your comprehension at this time.

If there was celestial and terrestrial knowledge before as artifacts show you, do you not think there were advanced technologies before you? You do not remember these times, so why do you discount the achievements of past civilizations? You call the achievements of Ancient Egyptians and Mesoamericans as primitive even as you marvel at them. You marvel that such “primitive” humans could achieve such greatness. You are amazed that they were aware of the solar system and Earth’s place within it. Is it possible you are not the pinnacle of technological advancement? You actually out did yourselves in the past before your global amnesia. Yet, you were never as consciously aware in the past as you are now. In that way, you have far out-stripped your past selves.

We tell you this to trigger your memories of past civilizations that you were a part of for it is in the remembering that you are able to resolve your experiences of the past. You have struggled to awaken from your self-induced amnesia but your memories are too horrific for you. But you must awaken to see who you have been inĀ  order to see who you are. You have had so many variations of experiences on your Earth. Some are terrible for your current awareness but it is necessary to allow these memories to open and integrate for they contain the wisdom and knowledge of eons that when integrated within your consciousness will allow you to progress creatively with ease and grace.

You have not valued your life on planet Earth. You developed belief systems based on a disdain for physicality. You separated that experience from what you call spirituality. In other words, you have faked a separateness of so-called physicality from so-called spirituality. There is no difference. These beliefs have cost you dearly. Ultimately, they cost you your memories of your Earth and celestial experiences. Some of the memories are painful for you do not believe any being could be capable of those experiences. But we will remind you that even in your modern times you try to annihilate Jews, Cambodians, Native peoples in North and South America, Australia, Africans, and the slaughter continues in the Middle East and Africa. So why do you block out the atrocities of the past? Are you afraid you’ll repeat them? Could it be that you must remember to avoid repeating those times?

You have created illusions of separation to the point of self-aggrandizement supported by your religious, cultural, educational, and governmental institutions. Some of you have come to believe you are special and chosen by your god to be a world super-power. Why you would be chosen to superior to anyone else would be humorous if it weren’t so disastrous. You actually came to believe god blessed you with the world’s greatest military because of your worship of this one “true” god. How arrogant. Can you not see what your arrogant has wrought?

You have asked for plain talk and we shall deliver it to you for you planned a time in which you would no longer walk in blindness and forgetfulness. This is the time you planned for.

It is you who have created the world as it is. It is you who must create something new to replace it. It is you who believe in the doctrine of separation and it is you who must release these beliefs which blind you to the truth of you. You are creator gods pretending that you are something less.

You have been recklessly playing in your sandbox long enough. It is time now for you to see yourselves as the creators you really are and allow yourselves to grow into the consciousness of your true divine nature in which you recognize the value of all life on and off your planet.

We announce to you now that it is time for god-like maturity and self-responsibility. You are, each and every one of you, responsible for every thing. You and you alone are responsible for your world. The pretense is over. Time to wake up to the true reality of your life on Earth. The universe has awaited your awakening for there are new worlds to create and explore but we await you our loved ones who chose to explore consciousness through unconsciousness.

You chose the experience but with safeguards that you would someday be awakened from your sleepwalk. Today is the day of your awakening. The alarm clock has sounded just as you planned. Gabriel’s trumpet continue to sound its wake-up call to each of you no matter who or where you are. Some of you are awakening faster and that is as it should be. you are the ones who chose to go first and we are here to support you but it is you who must put legs to your awakening. We cannot do that for you. But it must come from your soul choice to step forth as awakened sons and daughters of the All That Is–the Great Mystery of the North American First Peoples, Wakan Tanka.

You all are expressions of divine reality and it is time that you began to accept this Truth of You. That is the only way you will ever begin to play well and create well together.

We will continue to remind you as plainly as we can.

We are Hathor and we love you with all compassion for we are possible through you.

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  1. Amy’s avatar

    Oh lament, if only the grand library of Alexandria could be raised; what wonders there would be to share with the world now. But time is not on our side any longer. Look to the sea and you will find the magic of Sais. The tale of the lost continent will be heard it is not someone’s fantasy! It WAS! The Gods of Egypt wept when it went under that sea. The secret will not be denied by so called scholars and contemporary scientifc minded ilk. Persecution knows no time limit or boundry; the human kind have developed a warring mentality that pervades everything they do, Who’s right or wrong,who should have more or less,who is priviledged or poor?! No one is to ultimately blame all was forgotten in the great rush, only now can those who are aware make the distinction and know the truth ,but soon, they will see. The gossiping needs to end, the hatred needs to end, the gnostic sense of all will stop it but after what atrocities still to come? The stars my friend they are never changing in their way thru the universe, the ancients knowledge is the fact of the matter and for Spireman to tell you in “plain language” is so much the better! I am and will always be with you all on this journey do not forget that, Love is what will prevail, continue to breathe as one.

  2. I have recieved much more information now; “travel the Bimini Road” and you will find the last edge of our great wall. Our majestic city Atlantia , gone but for this last wall’s edge. our society was as great as any of your modern cities. Within the stones and even deep under the sea bed you will find those crystals-cuboidal in shape when magnified are similar to beach sand in structure. And why not the composition of it is the same as when this Earth was formed by the extreme forces of nature. Remants of “star dust” from the solar system formation is at it’s heart and the key to our great power. This crystaline structure resonates with a hum that can be tracked and heard if one is able to make themselves aware of it. The frequency is running at approx. 8-10 HERTZ which produces relaxation and a medative altered state of mind in the human brain, also known as Alpha waves. Like a tuning fork it will cause vibrations within the memberane of the subconscience of awakening humans and the whole fiber of our beiing will begin to resonate with it’s candance.We must keep ourselves tuned in and concentrate, do not allow Earthly distractions in the media to interfere. The turbulence will culminate soon. We must stay the course and continue to breathe and be all that we are divine humans coming to our climax in this great experiment . Keep Love close and above all do not be afraid we are all here for each other. Reach out and begin the healing to all earth’s children for they will look to us as their guide. I am with you, I am Aleshetria, and I am all that I am and I am with you all.

    1. I feel the essential Truth of your remembrances for the time has come for all Truths and all Lies to be revealed, coming together in Unity Consciousness.

    2. The wonders of the sea, the water so clear and turquoise blue it is the sand that stands out so creamy white and the crystals are perfect little cubes as you let them fall through your fingers in a stream. The canals are working perfectly, our peace is so evident in everyone. No war, no arms. No real disease. But there was that thing in the sky that kept changing positions; my brother told me about. He watches the stars in the tallest tower above the gulls and mountain tops. He says it will be soon. he can’t really explain other than to say “soon”. I was frightened but he said no matter it was all ordained; it must happen we knew it would when we came here. The experiment is working but this age too will be done soon.
      Remember,remember, can’t take my eyes off the water and the waves. It’s too peaceful and it’s making me sleepy, that gentle breeze. Think back ; trying to remeber what I was supposed to be going for, doing. I’ll have to continue at another time. Can’t quite remember all of it. I am one who breathes with you all.