Listen to Earth

It is time for the Humans to listen to Earth. If the Humans cannot remember how to listen by themselves, the indigenous ones who still listen can teach them. The First Peoples of North America, the Maya of Mesoamerica, the Maori of New Zealand, and many other First People know how to listen. When the Humans listen, they will hear the wisdom of all the ages for Wisdom is released now from the waters of the oceans and lakes, the rocks of the mountains, and from the breath of the sky.  Wisdom has been waiting for this day and Wisdom is ready to speak to and through the Humans who are willing.

White Buffalo Calf Woman returns to warm the hearts of all the Humans for in her great compassion she wants the Humans to awaken and remember.  She brings the Sacred Pipe representing the Sacred Breath of Wakan Tanka (Great Mystery, Breath Giver) to all Humans to remind them that it is the Breath that guides them on their own Sacred Path.

—Voice of Wanbli Tanka, Great Eagle

  1. Amy’s avatar

    How true. She cries for us, mortal humans listen; we implore you…as it was so shall it be again. Her tears of blood soak the raw earth below, Her waters surge and churn even as Her quaking labor pains rock the very crust. So it is to usher in the new age. Breathe…take that first sharp rush of oxygen rich air! Allow the chest to rise and fall with each reflex, exhale fully. Now LUXURIATE in the Breathing! Ease the tension in your limbs, your trunk, your neck & head. Now allow the awakening to begin within you. See, hear inuit that which She would have. Respect Her, our grand Mother Earth, as it nears Mother’s Day, remember the Sacred Feminine…she gave you life and continues to sustain you. Gaia we embrace you.