integration (nt-grshn)

1. the act of combining or adding parts to make a unified whole


It is a time of shifts and changes that come to you and you feel the anger and bickering that is taking place all around. This unsettledness is stressing everyone. Just keep talking to the Angel of You. Send these parts of you to the Soulself. You do not need to figure out if the parts or aspects really are yours or not. Just send them to the Angel. No need to try to figure it out. Your mind loves to analyze and decipher and place everything into its own category. There is no need for that. As you know, you can just direct everything to your Higher Self. Give it all to your Soulself. She has been holding all these facets for you setting them aside until you awaken enough to consciously direct these emotions/aspects to come back to Soulself. Simply send these facets Home. Take a deep, conscious breath and welcome them Home to You. Soulself has so much compassion that she wants you to send everything to her. It’s called integration for a reason. You are bringing back together all the disparate parts of you into wholeness of Being. There is nothing woo-woo or mysterious about this. You have experienced many things over your lifetimes on and off the Earth. During those experiences, you created a wide variety of facets of yourself.

These facets can be brought back into the unity of your consciousness through conscious breath and conscious choice. Simply and consciously choose to send these aspects of You Home. to the Unity of You, your Soulself. If this seems too simplistic to you, it is because of a belief that the spiritual awakening is painstakingly hard and laborious. That belief has outlived its usefulness, hasn’t it? You have tried that approach for many lifetimes. Perhaps you could take another way.

Breathe. Receive. Integrate.

It might help if you “personified” your facets. Their names could be, “Sad,” “Happy,” “Light,” “Dark,” “Scared,” “Elated,” “Hurt,” “Heartbreak,” “Abandoned,” “Alone,” or “Sexy.” And so on and on. Emotions, in general, are facets and mind creations. Feelings, on the other hand, are intuition, knowingness, gnosis, and awareness. In other words, emotions are superficial feelings. That’s why they are so ephemeral. Feeling is stable, solid, peaceful. Emotions are reactive and run away with you, or rather, you run away with them. They fluctuate wildly and madly. Up one minute, down the next. Feeling is quiet, calm, responsive.

Now the word “joy” has so many interpretations but what most humans call joy is actually excitement or ecstasy. These are emotions. Real joy is contentment, steadiness, and just being without external stimulation, coming from within. Emotion is reaction to an outside influence or event. It is a reaction to external stimuli. Feeling is internal allowing. Feeling responds; emotion reacts. Feeling is in response to stimuli. Response is observing the external. Response is not cold, but it is compassionate and by that we mean allowing the experience without judgment. Emotion reacts from duality. Right/Wrong, Good/Bad, Love/Hate, all judgments. Feeling responds from oneness. Emotion is an amusement park thrill ride. Feeling is gliding, evenly and smoothly.

Aspects, or facets, reveal themselves usually through emotions. When an emotion, say sadness, comes knocking on your door, you open the door and say, “Sad, go talk to the Angel. I don’t know what to tell you. Go talk to Her.” In this way, you integrate those aspects or facets of you that come to you for integration. That is why they show up. Integration is bringing all the different facets of you and your lifetimes Home to the Soulself. It is you who must choose to integrate the facets. The Soulself cannot take them, but She can and will receive them when you consciously choose to integrate even the darkest of aspects and you do have dark ones that you are usually running away from. Oh, you like the “light” ones, but you pretend the “dark” ones are not really of you. They are. They are your creations from this and other lifetimes.

If all this seems redundant, we have noticed that you forget and fall back into habitual beliefs. So, we will remind you as often as it takes that it is you who must consciously choose integration through conscious awareness.

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    The worst one, at least for me, is simply fear; of what ever; what if’s & unknowns. All the “minor demons” are beget from that. But I’ve missed you in the light. I’ve felt you at times but miss you none the less.