Stewards of Creation

Greetings, Dear Ones. We are the Council of Light and we love you dearly.

We want you to know that the changes you have created are effecting everything. Your bodies are changing even as the Earth body changes. You are in the midst of a massive quantum leap for all of Creation. You are Master Creators and you are still discovering how to fit into the physical world. You keep trying to figure out how it will work in the physical world. Do not concern yourselves with this for you do not need to make your vibration fit into the an old world energy. As you shift you are at the same time creating a new world into which your vibration is a perfect fit for it is tailor-made for you.

As your body undergoes its re-creation, you are experiencing headaches, aches, pains, unusual and unfamiliar sensations. Your mind wants to immediately go into fear that something is wrong. We tell you now that the only thing that is happening is change—transformation that we have spoken of before. You are creating through your conscious breath and conscious choice the transformations that you need to carry you through into the new Earth or into the New Energy as you like to call it.

As you know, there is a growing gap between those who choose to awaken and those who choose to remain in the darkness of ignorance. This gap is not being created outside of you or being projected upon you. You are creating it for you have chosen to awaken no matter what may happen, even at the loss of family and friends who may not choose to awaken at this time. It is your determination, courage, and dedication to discovery of All That You Are that has manifest these sweeping changes that reverberate across time and space.

We from this angle of view see all this clearly and we tell you now that what you searched for and hoped for is at hand. You, instead of continuing to wait any longer, chose to take matters into your own hands and move forward no matter what. We remind you that “in your hands” is exactly where this change and responsibility lie. The elementals, the cetaceans, the Anasazi and Maya have all given over to you the stewardship of Earth and Earths yet to come.

You are taking your rightful place as Stewards of Creation and you do so by choice, not by confrontation and demonstration, but by choosing to breathe Life into the Truth of Who You Are. Your choice to walk the Earth as a human embodiment of your own Soul, your own Godself, in full conscious awareness has germinated the seeds of awakening throughout Creation. All of Creation has been waiting for this time. They have been waiting for you. As you have been told, “You are the ones you have been waiting for.” You are the ones we all have been waiting for.

So take us off the pedestals that you in your sleep placed us on and assume your place, side by side with us, your angelic brethren, for we, too, are ready to move forward into the new energies of Creation.

You are dearly loved throughout Creation for you are the ones who volunteered to go forth into the Unknown to explore All That Is as never before. When you left Home little did you know that the adventures of exploring All That Is would actually create a time like now in which Home would find you, even as you were trying to find your way back Home. From the moment you left the Home of All That Is, Home, too, would never be the same for when you left on your adventures, you took a piece of Home with you and All That Is could not rest until all the pieces were back together.

But nothing is the same and will never be static for All That Is is constantly expanding and creating more and more and you are the instruments of that change and creation. As creators, you put legs on the expansion of creations.

And so Home has come to you and it is through your awakening that you become aware of Home and your own Divinity and your own piece of the great puzzle of All That Is. You in your awakening can look at the image in the mirror and know without question: “I Am That I Am.”

We are the Council of Light and we love you dearly. Welcome Home, dear ones, welcome Home. We so enjoy your willingness to awaken and share with us your experiences as we continue our adventures together as fellow travelers upon the paths of Creation.

In lak’ech.