Be Still and Know

Be still and in the stillness you will know I Am. I Am is not known through mental comprehension, faith, or belief. I Am is known through the stillness of the Divine Breath. I Am is not experienced through dogmatic teaching, information, or education programs of any kind. It is not known through repetitive affirmations. It is experienced through your own Divine Breath, but not from belief or faith in the Breath. It is a choice to allow yourself to actually begin to Breathe into and with your own Soul. This may sound esoteric and mysterious if you wish to analyze from the mind. But it is really quite simplythe Essence of All That Is though it has been called many things. Everything that Is or Was is born from Divine Breath. You may call it the Cosmic Breath, Breath of God, Breath of Inspiration, Breath of Compassion, Breath of Life, Holy Spirit, or Wakan Tanka. It is all these things for it is the Breath of All That Is. It is within and without all things.

You are your own Breath/Light. We use the terms Breath and Light interchangeably for Breath is the fusion of Dark and Light. In the stillness of Breath there is no duality only the oneness of Masculine and Feminine—Dark and Light uniting to form Creation. Light is your Essence.

To Breathe does not mean you are outside of the physical world. That would be missing the point altogether. To breathe is to invite everything that no longer serves you to come forward into the Light of your Soul for resolution and integration and takes a courageous and dedicated being, indeed. It takes one who is brave and dedicated to remembering the Truth of his or her own Light Being-ness.

Dare you know who you are and from whence you came to planet Earth?

Be still and know.

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  1. ASPICER’s avatar

    In our stillness resonates the power of the Breath; become the master of YOU; ~Namaste~ within your soul self. Yes, in the knowing.

  2. A resounding YES!