The following is excerpted from “Are You Ready?” by Archangel Michael transmitted through Ronna Herman, May 2008. You may read the complete text here.

“If you will remember, some time ago we explained how, as the earth was formed and made ready for human inhabitation, there were gigantic crystalline spires of Living Light implanted deep within the Earth that also extended high into the skies above ground. These sentient spires, which surrounded the world, were the receivers and senders of the sacred geometric codes of Light from the Great Central Sun, and the energetic codes/frequencies of the Earth were then radiated back into the higher realms so that the great Beings of Light could monitor the progress of Earth and humanity. These magnificent pillars of Light were also used to modify and refine the Divine blueprint and the frequencies of Light which were being sent forth onto the Earth and throughout the grid system. When the Earth fell into the density of the third/fourth dimensions, there was a dramatic increase of cataclysmic events whereby most of these great spires were broken, shattered and buried deep within the earth. Only a few of these magnificent sentinels remain; however, they are disguised by a cover of plant material or layers of soil and rock. Most all of the wondrous crystal friends that are returning to you during this miraculous age of transformation are fragments of those great spires. Is it any wonder that they have become so precious to you as they help you retrieve some of the wondrous memories of your ancient past and create visions of your home among the stars?”

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    That tricky old “synchronicity” again; I will remember.

  2. This night so clear and cool, soft easy air fills me. The remembrance of it. This moon that shines for my smile has encouraged it; pales in the wonder of all of them. They gather and alight as quiet as a sigh, silken strands, dusty like a butterfly brushing their wingtips through my thoughts, sprinkles of it smudging here and there. I see you glimmer across the misty threads of fog that passes before my moon, breathe it in. Allow it to curl in to the corners, out again in a soft rush. I remember you, my dear one. Your light energy, the resonance, the “feel” of the power quietly embedded in you, as ornate as any temple pillar you energy shines even still.So beautiful, I never knew it could be so brilliant, I believed it but to also feel, hear and smell the sharpness of ozone like a lightning strike. That was truly awe inspiring. Perpetual stirrings come alive as if a new diamond has been struck; struck into a multifaceted brilliance from the depths of this incarnation ; it is too weak a form to sustain it, many will pass as the strength will be too great for the fragile form to continue; but the light then only grows stronger as the release nears, the alchemy of light and dark collide, fracturing the new diamond open. Such energy to produce this, our stellar being, powered entirely with the breathe, again as soft as a sigh, the only sound it makes. Listen well for the quiet times, for in the stillness you find the power.

    1. Wow! I love this. Goose-bump time!
      “in the stillness you find the power.” i.e., your SELF!