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Much has been made of the “end of the world.” We would describe this as the End of an Era as Aandrah1 has so aptly named the changes. There is indeed a change, return occurring even as we speak. It is the return of all the entities that humans have called “gods.” We return not as saviors of humankind, but as observers and beneficiaries of the shift in human consciousness.

We return also as participants.  We are not the “causers.” You are. Your consciousness shift is what we are here for. Many of us are aspects of you from other times and places and we return now to integrate with those who are ready to receive us.

It is the end of the Annunaki/Atlantean era. The previous millennia have seen the evolvement of humans to the point that they do not need be any longer under the Atlanean spell of mind control. It is based in fear, as you know, and the veil is lifting off of humanity and they will either embrace the Truth or run screaming to the old beliefs. There will be clear and unambiguous choices to be made by humanity but there will no longer be the veil to fall back on as an “excuse” for unconsciousness. This is a new era of choice. It is the end of business as usual even for those who choose blindness over sight. There is no more half-way or half-assing human life.

Yes, the Mayan Bolon Yokte K’u energy is of war/death and creation and renewal. It is death to Atlantean influence and birth of the Age of Creation and creativity but on a much clearer and faster pace.

It is the death of ignorance and belief systems. It the death or end of the old ways of life for the old ways cannot withstand the influx of Truth and Light/Life. As your own belief systems crumble in the face of the Light of You, so are the old systems of human existence crumbling before the Light of Creative Consciousness.

There was much disappointment around December 21, 2012 for so many humans, from Christians to New Agists who were expecting some profound appearance either from Jesus or from the Aliens but what they get is the opportunity to separate Truth from Lies. For many it will not be easy to come face to face with Themselves. Some will run to the caves and valleys of death trying to escape the Truth of their own Divine Soul. Indeed, it will be difficult for some of the humans to look upon the face of God, the face in the mirror.

And it is a time of rejoicing for the return of Conscious Awareness to the Human Family is here. It is a matter of choice. Do I embrace All That I Am or do I run away in fear? So are the prophecies fulfilled for the events that you set in motion so long ago are now coming to fruition and it is your creation. It is not some system of reward and punishment, but the completion of the Great Experiment which resulted in the experiences of thousands of lifetimes and now those parts of you are returning to you for integration–not to save you–but to unite with All of You, which in itself is a form of salvation but from YOU and by YOU, not some distant god or alien.

Indeed, it is the End of the Era of Fear, Suffering, and Death and the Creation of the Era of Compassion, Life, and Love. It is the Return of Lemurian energy fully conscious, alive and well yet still very much Human. It the Death of Darkness and Birth of a New Lemurian Era of Light. It is a New Era of Luminance and Grace.

It is what you have created. It is so.

  1. DVD – End Of An Era and Message From Isis – Video DVD by Norma Delaney recorded at the Ohamah School on March 17, 2009 in Mallorca, Spain. In this video, Norma discusses how the phases of our lives come and go. The Message from Isis is about honoring this life rather than our history. []

Greetings, Dear Ones. We are the Council of Light and we love you dearly.

This is a great time of change that you have created. It is time to put away the dogmas, beliefs, and theories of the past. Yes, there are energies bombarding your Earth but they are not the cause of the change. There is no great Manipulator of Energies out in the Cosmos sending rays of new energy to you which will cause a new Age of Enlightenment.

It is you, dear ones, who are creating the new energies and the changes. You know this but isn’t it time to share what you know with others who are ready to move beyond? It does not matter how you share your Truth. You can write books, novels, poetry, songs, music. You can walk, talk, stand on your head, and breathe. Most of all, you can share by living your truth day by day.

By the way, we purposely did not mention “channeling” as a way to share. All the things we listed are channeling so get over your thinking that you do not or cannot channel. You channel constantly and we encourage you to acknowledge this ability within yourselves.

And so now we would speak with you about breathing, yet once again.

Take a deep breath into your belly, your abdomen. Allow this breath to flow through your being. Feel the warmth of your own Soul Breath spreading from the top of your head into your fingertips, down through your body into the tips of your toes, then into the Earth. Breathe in slowly through your nose down through your body into the Earth. As you exhale feel the circular path of your breath rotating from Earth, through you to Sky, then back again.

This Conscious Breathing creates harmony through you, the human stewards of Earth, between Earth, Sky, and Human. You as the new Earth Stewards balance the Earth changes allowing them to cycle with greater ease and grace. You are much more than mere human and through your Conscious Breath you send the message of ease and grace throughout your being and simultaneously throughout Creation. Breathe in and receive your Soul Blessings of Love and Compassion. Breathe out and send your Love and Compassion throughout Creation.

You and your Conscious Breath are indeed powerful and instrumental in allowing more graceful Earth Shifts and Changes. Get out of your way and allow your radiance to shine forth into all of Creation. You need not fear your strength or other humans’ response to it. Just allow yourself to be the Divine Human you really are for it is time.

Many centuries ago you planted the Light Seeds with Yeshua and now is the time of harvest. Now is the day you have been longing for and we are here to remind you that it is YOU who the ones who volunteered to bring Consciousness of All That Is into Human form. Today is the day, now is the time.

We are the Council of Light and we love you dearly. You are the ones we have been waiting for.

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