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The Return

[We began this article in July just days before Tobias’s “Returning” channel in August. It is interesting that we chose to name this article, “The Return.” While some of it seems to be addressed to me, I believe the information by extension applies to all awakening humans. ]

This work that you do is far-reaching. It is not limited to Columbus, Ohio, or North America. It encompasses the globe and especially the Americas. You are located in exactly the right place. Your work does not need to be transported to Europe or Asia or Africa, although do not be surprised if your work takes you there.

There are others who are working in those places. Our energy has been in the Americas for ages and ages. We were here even before Atlantis and we will continue our work there. Your many trips into the Southwest was not just sight-seeing, dear one. These trips were to allow Terry to feel us on one hand, but or the other, you carried your spirit into those areas and like a great wind the changes began to spread southward. You carried the Breath Wind of K’uk’ulkan/Quetzalcoatl and you have often felt those winds, have you not? Even as a child you will remember how stirring the winds were.

You work has been occurring even without your conscious participation. You knew how to follow your heart into Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and even once into Mexico. You thought you were just sight-seeing most of the time, did you not? We tell you now, it was the work of your spirit, along with others, who were making it possible to release the Anasazi and Maya from their ages old responsibility of holding the consciousness of those regions, keeping them relatively free of war and violence. It is these regions that hold ancient Atlantean energy that is being resolved.

Mistakes were made in the zeal of the creators that needed resolution and there were places around the planet that needed to be held free from the kind of war and violence that spread across the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Yes, there were times of great upheaval and chaos but not at the level that would have been had the Aztec and Maya peoples resisted the invasion of Europeans more effectively. Had the Maya truly resisted there would have been even more bloodshed and violence which would have disrupted the energetic balances of Earth. The grids would have been so disrupted that it is possible that the Earth would not have continued to sustain life to the degree she has and does.

Even now humans are creating by their numbers an extreme energetic imbalance. War and violence is widespread. Fear and despair are rampant. Population is increasing at a rapid pace. Humans are reincarnating without any kind of expanded awareness. The consciousness of humanity must be expanded in order for Earth energies to remain in balance in a way that maintains life as you know. The planet will raise her consciousness with or without humans. She must in all compassion do so.

She is begging humanity to open their hearts to the new awareness, to Christ Consciousness for she and humans will ascend more gently and peacefully. As Earth population increases the imbalance grows. As population grows, it is imperative that human conscious awareness expand a the the same time. Otherwise, the imbalances grow. As the imbalances grow, so will violence, fear, Earth upheaval. The winds will blow with great intensity for the Breath of God will move across the lands. We do not speak of doom or gloom. Rather, we seek to show humanity the grand opportunity for enlivenment, for real life on your glorious planet to unfold according to the dreams of the ancient ones.

The ancient ones are returning to witness and share in the unfolding of consciousness on the beautiful blue planet called Earth. It is our wish that humans will awaken enough to be able to celebrate with us the most grand event of the the return of Christ Consciousness–Quetzalcoatl/Kulkulkan, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Isis, Yeshua, Thoth, Ra, Zoroaster/Zarathustra, Shiva, Pele, Kali, and host of others are returning to celebrate this grand cosmic event.

It is our dream that the humans will allow their own awakening into the god-self that they truly are. They are created in “gods” image. They are “god also” as we have so longed to tell you. We have spoken to the humans in many forms and ways. You have taken our messages and created great religions and belief systems but you have chosen not to see who you really are. You have placed us, “the gods,” on great pedestals to be worshiped and prayed to and sacrificed to. You, oh grand ones, have ignored your own grandeur. We are merely messengers bringing reminders of who you are.

Will you not open your eyes to see? Will you hear us this time? Will you allow the great love and compassion that we feel for you to penetrate your armors of fear and doubt? Will you turn from your old beliefs into a new way of real life? Can you open your hearts to all that you really are?

[There seems to be a shift at this point in the article. I leave it to the reader to discern the meaning, if any.]

Yes, we are returning but do not look to the heavens this time. Look to your own souls and discover us there for you are god also. You have changed the ancient cycles of time. You have awakened and that, dear ones, has changed everything. Your awakening consciousness has altered the outcomes and prophecies of ancient times. You are no longer slaves to time, thus we shall call this the end time for your awakening has completed the cycles begun eons ago.

Do not be surprised when you come face-to-face with the ancient ones. Do not be surprised when you recognize the ones from so long ago. Do not be astonished when you meet yourselves on the road to now.

We all stand ready to welcome you home into your grand selves. Allow the love we have for you to cast out your fear of  All That You Are.

Breathe in the breath of life, the breath of god. With one breath at a time you can begin to open the doors of your prisons of fear, doubt, and despair.

With one gentle breath at a time let us walk with you into the paradise of  All That You Are. Let us breathe you as you breathe us. Let the mighty wind of All That You Are blow away the clouds of confusion and the dust of doubt from your eyes so that you waken into a new dawn of love and compassion.

We await you. We love you. You are never alone. You were never alone.

In la’kech. I Am another You.


1 John 2:20-23 (The Message)

20-21. But you belong. The Holy One anointed you, and you all know it. I haven’t been writing this to tell you something you don’t know, but to confirm the truth you do know, and to remind you that the truth doesn’t breed lies.

22-23. So who is lying here? It’s the person who denies that Jesus is the Divine Christ, that’s who. This is what makes an antichrist: denying the Father, denying the Son. No one who denies the Son has any part with the Father, but affirming the Son is an embrace of the Father as well.

The Holy One, your Soul Self, is the Son and the Father is the Source. If you deny your Soul/Son, you deny the Source/Father/Mother/God. This is Anti-Christ Consciousness. This is not a judgment or an accusation. It is merely a reminder that you are divine and to believe otherwise is not truth. You always were divine, regardless of what aspect you may have played with over the millennia. So why continue to pretend that you are not your Soul Self, that you are not a Son/Daughter of Father/Mother/God?

I AM K’ulhahan. You have known me in the past as Quetzalcoatl and K’uk’ulkan. Those are the most familiar of my Earthly names. To the Maya and Aztec I was the God of Wind and Breath, the Lord of the Breath of Life. I am in close connection with the dear one Kwan Yin. We are on a similar trajectory as we work to communicate with you, our loved ones. We so compassionately want you to allow you to discover your sweet, divine Soul Selves.

I am here at this time to walk with you to help you see who you really are. We are full partners with this one who calls himself, Terry, who has agreed to join with me so that we may bring the message of compassion to any and all who are willing to discover the grandeur of their being. We wish to share the story of humankind so that you may begin to see that the many beliefs and theories of life on your planet are merely stories to explain your existence. These stories were created by you to help you remain in deep cover, just as one of your government’s secret agents will develop many personas in or order to remain undetected. You have done the same with your many aspects (personas) over many lifetimes. Your cover is so deep that even you no longer recognize who you really are, but instead believe your own stories.

You have come to believe that you are a mere human, weak, humble and unworthy of God’s love. You have come to believe your own lies that it is only through death that you can come home to who you really are.

We tell you that this is bullsh*t.

We will not mince words with you. If you do not like to be bluntly reminded that you are a divine angel, worthy of the grandest of love, then you will find someone who will cooperate with you to help you reinforce your lies. There are many organizations and religions that are all too willing to help you remain blinded to All That You Are. But if you look past the dogma of those religions you will discover the core metaphors that you embedded into those beliefs that were designed to remind you of Who You Really Are. These are wake-up calls for you.

It is time for you, dear ones, to awaken to the grand angels that you are. If you are an awakening one, you did not come here to eek out a living, just breathing enough to remain alive for some 70 or 90 years. Rather you are here to be human and to be aware that you are divine, just as Yeshua ben Joseph is divine. To some of you this may sound like blasphemy for you believe there is no one else who can be a son of god. That, too, is a lie that is perpetrated by energies that wish to keep you seduced into the darkness of ignorance. They tell you that ignorance is bliss, and you believe them. We tell you ignorance is death. You do not need to remain ignorant of your divine nature. You can know intimately the purity of your own divine spirit. She awaits your awakening to the gnosis (divine knowledge) that You are, indeed, a Divine Angel.

This is not flattery. It is simple truth. You can choose to know this truth or not, but we will continue to remind you of your angelic origins. This truth of your angelic beingness is the truth that will free you from the prison of your mind for it is from the mind that aspects take on a life of their own. Your mind, being by it’s very nature weak, seeks to be entertained and to entertain itself. Your mind loves being seduced by your aspects. It loves the comfortable routines of your lies. It loves the surge of adrenaline when your fears strike.

We offer these words to you in all compassion, for we know that the soup of mass consciousness is thick, indeed. But we remind you that you can step out of this old energy consciousness through the divine breath of your Soul Self. This breath is your very life force. Deep breathing is the  way to extract yourself from the tar pit of mass consciousness. When you breathe in the the very Soul Breath of You, there is an immediate and profound shift that begins to to occur within your DNA from the first conscious breath you take. You, the human aspect, may not even notice the shift at first, but we assure you that your courage to breathe in the divine breath of your Essence of You will bring about the connection to the core of You.

We encourage you to breathe the Breath of Life. This divine breath will smooth the way for your transformation from caterpillar to butterfly with ease and grace. This is our promise to you and we do not take this promise lightly.

Dear ones, we invite you to breathe. Dare to breathe All That You Are.

In la’kech. I AM another You.

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