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Recently, I had a conversation with my Soul Self regarding inter-dimensional communication. Many of you who have been on the journey for a while may not find anything new here. Nonetheless, I’m putting this “on the wind,” a gentle wind, for those who stumble upon this site. 😉

We like to think it is an open two-way communication instead of one-way messages from on high. In fact, we on this side find it very funny that you on that side place such a special value on our communications with you. Oh, we do love the communication but it is quite normal and natural for a human to actually talk to us, not as a form of meditation or prayer, but direct conversation. This is what we want the humans to understand. We want you to allow this communication with you.

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Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We are the Council of Light and we love you dearly.

It is a time of great movement and measure. Measurements are taking place of the movement of consciousness. Consciousness is indeed shifting and you can see the results all around you in Earth’s environment.

It is the change in temperature of the totality, not just ambient air temperature. Air temperature fluctuates as the overall temperature continues to rise. It is this rise in atmospheric temperature that you can notice. This temperature is what determines the weather conditions. It is as though the Earth has a fever, much in the same way a human has a fever. It is normal for the human body to have a temperature ranging from 97° to 100° Fahrenheit. On the skin surface the temperature will fluctuate, of course, but the overall temperature is what remains normally around 98.6°.

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