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This is how awareness works.

As you become aware, you begin to discover the energies around you and how you effect yourself when you give your energy away. This is “sexual energy” effect that Tobias speaks of. It is when you least suspect that you are most effected. This is not about being a victim. But the unaware human is buffeted about by “every wind of doctrine.” Again, no victims here, but just how the old energies work. In the new consciousness, the aware human does not fall into the trap of victimhood. Of course, their is no victim when the game is played.

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As you breathe us in more and more with each breath, you are expanding consciousness. This simple act of deep but gentle breathing begins to interact with all other energies, even so-called dark energy. The shift begins even with the first conscious breath.

It is not like a battle between good and evil forces. Rather, it is a ripple effect ever widening but never diminishing. The effect is like a guitar string when strummed. The guitar string reverberates and creates sound waves or vibrations which interacts with other objects. For example, a glass of water will begin to ripple if it is in close proximity to the guitar string.

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