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Let there be no more lies. Let us smoke the Sacred Pipe with each other for the pipe represents truth between us. Let the smoke of our spirits guide our every action. Let the Spirit Buffalo guide us so that we call in the Ones who are with us to bring the abundance of all things, Buffalo Medicine. Buffalo Medicine is whole, it is true, it is healed.

Buffalo Medicine was for the Red Man the abundance of life on Earth. Buffalo gave us all the things we needed to live abundantly in those times. When we saw the buffalo slaughtered we knew it was the end of our abundance, of our ways. But we have continued to hold on to those ways, though we have felt betrayed and cut off from Spirit.
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Your belief systems are killing you. Your belief systems are your judgment systems and it is your judgment that is killing you.

You have been warned many times, yet you hold to those beliefs no matter how much pain you inflict upon yourselves and others. You do not allow yourselves to hear or to see truth. You rely upon old ideas to guide you in your lives. You react to events around you, usually with a knee-jerk reaction and then you wonder why “they” are the way “they” are, whether it is your neighbor or you counterparts in other countries.
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