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This is how awareness works.

As you become aware, you begin to discover the energies around you and how you effect yourself when you give your energy away. This is “sexual energy” effect that Tobias speaks of. It is when you least suspect that you are most effected. This is not about being a victim. But the unaware human is buffeted about by “every wind of doctrine.” Again, no victims here, but just how the old energies work. In the new consciousness, the aware human does not fall into the trap of victimhood. Of course, their is no victim when the game is played.

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I was privileged to DreamWalk1 my Dad this week. He transitioned Monday morning, May 14th, exactly seven days past his 90th birthday.

I was concerned that perhaps it was not possible to offer this service to him since I had not talked with him about it while he was still able to communicate on the human level. But I had several “conversations” with him energetically.

About two weeks before his crossing, he became rather alert and clear and asked for the family to gather around. He sang some of his favorite hymns, quoted some favorite scriptures, and was more present than he had been for some time.

I didn’t make it to the hospital in time to actually witness all this, but I did talk to him energetically in the car on my way there.

After that day, I didn’t feel his presence so much with me; however, I continued to prepare myself just in case he wanted a DreamWalk. I did have some doubts and second-guessing about my ability. This was the first DreamWalk I had done on my own since taking the DreamWalker Death Transition™ School a couple of years ago.

After consulting several physicians and a lot of soul-searching, the family decided it was time that we let Dad go. We reluctantly placed him in hospice care and finally on May 14th I received an early morning phone call from one of my brothers telling me Dad was deteriorating quickly. Soon after the phone call, I began the two-hour road-trip to southeastern Ohio. Sometime between 8:15 and 8:45 am, I began to sense Dad’s energy. We began to talk and I explained to him that a white light that he might see was the disconnection of the cord linking him to the physical world. I told him that was OK to do that and the white light was just the beginning. I reminded him that I would be available to accompany him on the path to the “Bridge of Flowers” if he wanted me to.

I arrived at the nursing home where he was being cared for. My nephew met me at the door, hugged me, and whispered in my ear, “Grandpa passed on about 8:30.” Truthfully, I was not surprised and a bit relieved because I knew he had endured so much in the past few years. At this point, I still wasn’t sure if he wanted a DreamWalk. I spent the afternoon and evening with my mom and the rest of the family.

The next morning, Tuesday, on my way home to Dayton, I began to feel Dad’s energy once again. Suddenly, I knew where he was. I sensed him at the Bridge of Flowers. He had been a minister and favored dark suits and black ties. There he was, looking nearly fifty years younger in his suit and black tie, grinning that contagious grin that I’ll always remember, and waving good-bye. But I felt he wasn’t quite ready to take that final step into the arms of the angels whom I could sense were already celebrating his return. Instead, I sensed that he was waiting to see that everything was OK here. Tears of joy flowing down my face, I stopped at a convenient rest area along the highway, and just sat on a park bench and allowed the celebration to take place in my heart.

On Wednesday the day of the viewing, I awakened early and sat in my office to practice deep breathing while listening to one of my favorite CDs, “The Silent Path,” by my friend, Robert Coxon. Once again, I began to feel the presence of my dad. I felt him on the Bridge. I saw that grin. He waved one more time, and then, still grinning, he reached out his hand to the Grand Beings who were there to welcome him home. He was gone.

I turned away from that beautiful bridge and breathed my energy fully back to this side.

I am touched and honored beyond words that he chose to gift me with this experience.

I’m grinning, too.

  1. For more information about DreamWalking, visit the DreamWalker website. []

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