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Get Over It

Greetings, dear ones. We are what you have called The Council of Light and we salute you on your ascension into your Lightness of Being.

It has been some while since we last spoke with you in this manner for you have been busy, indeed, releasing and integrating those energies that were no longer serving you. And now you are busy receiving the energies that do serve you and that is why we are here.

When you announced to the world, literally, that you were ascended, you sent forth a message to all, both terrestrial and non-terrestrial, that the old chains of the mind had been broken. You have stepped out of your crystal of which a grand friend of ours has so often spoken. It is this that we wish to speak to at this time.

When a god in human apparel speaks forth with passion, the energies that exist to serve such humans come streaming forward to assist in the further awakening of that one. These energies have actually been waiting for these pronouncements and when they hear them, it acts as a summons to which they immediately respond. This is how things work. When gods speak, the universe listens.

Now we know you are just learning to walk with these energies and it will take a short time to acclimate your physical being to these new energies which are here to serve you. WE are here to serve your awakening so take us off the pedestals you’ve placed us on and see us for who–and what–we are.

Yes, in answer to your question, we contain the Pleiadian energies and much, much more and we are here to assist the transitions. We are not here to save you or do anything except to encourage and assist you gods in human clothing to awaken. We are not here to show you how. It is you who are showing us how. It is you who are the examples for the omniverse to witness. As you awaken so awakens the many energies scattered throughout time and space, past and future.

We are not here as overseers at this time. That job has passed into obsolescence. We and many others are here to serve your ascension in any way we can and we must be commanded–as with all energies–to serve you. So, how may we serve you? How may we assist your awakening to who you truly are? It is time for you to make the choices and proclaim your ascension.

The Family of Light stands ready. The Family of Dark stands ready to be commanded even as they work to slow you down or distract you. Some of you are fascinated by lights in the sky, rumors of ETs, and other sightings of “strange” phenomena. These are strange only because you have chosen myopic viewing and you have allowed yourselves to be frightened of yourselves.

So, let’s just get it all out in the open. There are dragons, and faeries, and elves, and reptilians, and Atlanteans, and Anunnaki, and Grays, and gods, and goddesses, and angels, and Archangels, and Cherubim, and Seraphim, and Elohim, and yes, “the gods” visited the daughters of man and mated with them, their creations. The myths and legends are all true in various forms and mutations and you should know that. You wrote them either from direct memory or from direct experience.

You are gods. Get over it.

This is our message to you. Get over it and tell us how we may serve you. If you want us to walk in friendship, say so. If you want us to shine the light on areas that need releasing then tell us, but it is YOU who must make that conscious and clear choice. No more of this sitting back and waiting for someone or something to come along show you how or do it for you. Know one else knows how. You are showing us all how to expand and transcend the limitations of our experiences and beliefs. You have already shown us that it is through the human experience that an entity can become conscious.

Do not give away your power, your godhood, ever again. Let no energy, terrestrial or non-terrestrial, ever convince you that they have the answers for you. We do not nor do they. YOU have the answers for you because you planted the seeds a long time ago. No other entities or energies have answers because they/we do not have the direct benefit of your experiences and, therefore, your Wisdom.

We can offer you views of wider perspectives, but eventually even that will be passé as you trust Your own Essence, your Soul, who has experienced everything with you, and has maintained your wisdom gained from those experiences. You are awakening not to us, but to YOU. By awakening to All That You Are, your I AM, you awaken to the awareness of everything else.

As always, do not take our word for any of this. But take a few deep breaths and feel into your own Truth/Soul for discernment and if you hit up against any place that is a block to your clarity, take a few more deep breaths and choose from deep within your Core Essence of Being to release any lies that linger to guard against ever again trusting your own Spirit.

This is the time–and there will never be a better time–to awaken to your Essence. Any thing, person, event, entity, or energy that would lead you back to your mind and away from your true Knowing, is false and a distraction. Anything that would hinder you from Knowing You is false and will lead you in the “wrong” direction. When you find yourself asking too many questions and wondering if this true or if this is real, stop, take a few deep breaths and turn around and run back Home to your Soul, who will never and has never forsaken you, even in the darkest of times or experiences.

Your Soul knows you completely and with all compassion always stands with open arms to receive you as you receive your Soul. For, you see, your Soul cannot give you anything for that would be interference in your freedom of choice. But you, dear ones, can freely and clearly choose to receive your Soul along with all the gifts of Love, Compassion, and Abundance that is there waiting for you.

But YOU must choose. Waiting for it to just come to you will keep you incarnating lifetime after lifetime. It is for you to say, “Yes! Whatever it takes I will surrender my mind control. I choose to receive my Soul for there is no greater Love in all of Creation.”

We are the Council of Light (Beingness) and we love you dearly. We, too, are in service to you and your Awakening.


Greetings, Dear Ones. We are the Council of Light and we love you dearly.

This is a great time of change that you have created. It is time to put away the dogmas, beliefs, and theories of the past. Yes, there are energies bombarding your Earth but they are not the cause of the change. There is no great Manipulator of Energies out in the Cosmos sending rays of new energy to you which will cause a new Age of Enlightenment.

It is you, dear ones, who are creating the new energies and the changes. You know this but isn’t it time to share what you know with others who are ready to move beyond? It does not matter how you share your Truth. You can write books, novels, poetry, songs, music. You can walk, talk, stand on your head, and breathe. Most of all, you can share by living your truth day by day.

By the way, we purposely did not mention “channeling” as a way to share. All the things we listed are channeling so get over your thinking that you do not or cannot channel. You channel constantly and we encourage you to acknowledge this ability within yourselves.

And so now we would speak with you about breathing, yet once again.

Take a deep breath into your belly, your abdomen. Allow this breath to flow through your being. Feel the warmth of your own Soul Breath spreading from the top of your head into your fingertips, down through your body into the tips of your toes, then into the Earth. Breathe in slowly through your nose down through your body into the Earth. As you exhale feel the circular path of your breath rotating from Earth, through you to Sky, then back again.

This Conscious Breathing creates harmony through you, the human stewards of Earth, between Earth, Sky, and Human. You as the new Earth Stewards balance the Earth changes allowing them to cycle with greater ease and grace. You are much more than mere human and through your Conscious Breath you send the message of ease and grace throughout your being and simultaneously throughout Creation. Breathe in and receive your Soul Blessings of Love and Compassion. Breathe out and send your Love and Compassion throughout Creation.

You and your Conscious Breath are indeed powerful and instrumental in allowing more graceful Earth Shifts and Changes. Get out of your way and allow your radiance to shine forth into all of Creation. You need not fear your strength or other humans’ response to it. Just allow yourself to be the Divine Human you really are for it is time.

Many centuries ago you planted the Light Seeds with Yeshua and now is the time of harvest. Now is the day you have been longing for and we are here to remind you that it is YOU who the ones who volunteered to bring Consciousness of All That Is into Human form. Today is the day, now is the time.

We are the Council of Light and we love you dearly. You are the ones we have been waiting for.

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