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From Yeshua

Greetings, dear ones. It is I, Yeshua, who wishes to speak with you on this day, in this new time of Great Awakening. The Light seeds that we planted over two thousand years ago are sprouting and taking root. The Great One, Gabriel, has sounded his trumpet and we rejoice that you have heard his clarion call to awaken.

For centuries you struggled to keep the hope alive that one day the seeds would activate and it is so. We have worked with you all along your journeys even when you fell into deep sleep and forgetfulness. But buried deep within your genetic code was the trigger that we planted so that when the time was appropriate you would awaken into the True Self of your own Divinity. After our first coming, the world chose to walk into darkness and ignorance that was fostered by the Romans through what came to be known as Christianity. We know you tried to preserve our message of Love and Compassion in the scrolls and volumes some of which were finally discovered in your time, but the humans back then were not ready to forgive themselves and embrace Love.

Many of you have shame and guilt that somehow you were not good enough or strong enough to make humanity understand our message of compassion. Those of you who understood tried to record and save our words in the hope that one day, there would a time when the hunger for Truth would grow so strong that the Truth of Love would come forth. We tell you now that day has come. Of, we do not say all will be ready to forgive themselves and move beyond duality of dark and light, good and evil, for they fear their own darkness and death more than Love. But the time is here in this now moment that many have heard the call to awaken. It has been difficult at times to love and forgive yourselves for your perceived shortcomings and to embrace your own darkness. It has even been difficult for many of you to embrace your own Light Truth.

You have been invited to speak the worlds, “I Am God Also,” but they stuck in your throat. You have been invited to your own “I AM” but you have feared that you are not worthy. So many of you persevered and continued to try to face and embrace your own demons of guilt, shame, and worthlessness. So often we have watched you fall but get back up again and breath by breath find the courage to awaken more and more in your True Self. The clouds of mass consciousness—or we should say, mass UNconsciousness— have been thick and murky, indeed. But the Christ Seed has germinated and you have found the courage and compassion within yourselves to embrace this Truth that is springing up from within your very DNA.

And so it is, dear ones, that we on this side continue to encourage you to forgive with compassion for your long journey to fully awaken to your True Self.

So many of you worked to preserve our messages of love and compassion. You preserved our message that each human, regardless of what they are or what they have been or done, is worthy of the Love of All That Is, that each one is a child of God and an expression of the Unknowable and Unspeakable.

And so we want you to know that I AM and will always be by your side as you continue to awaken. In this day do not concern yourself with the others and their choices. It is for you to continue to breathe in Life and Love and open further to your own True Self. It is in this awakening that you enable any others who may choose to awaken also. Let go of the past teachings from the Ancients and from what came to be called Gnostics and Essenes. These writings that you worked and died to preserve are now only reminders of our message. Now it is time to expand beyond the possibilities of yesterday into the full Truth of the present moment. It is time to release the energies of Gnostic and Essene beliefs and experience Truth beyond belief.

The Kingdom of Heaven is here right now, not off in some fantasy away from Earth. It is here right now within each and every one of you. You are the Heaven and the Christ you have been waiting for and seeking. The journey home is complete. Home is here right now. Heaven is here right now for your acceptance and joy. We know it may be difficult for many to forgive and let go of the duality game they love to play, but enough of you have chosen Truth over belief, Experience over dogma, and Love over fear, to activate the Light Seed.

And so it is with great joy and love for you, the faithful servants of the Light, that we embrace you and hold you close just as we did so many centuries ago when we walked Earth together, sharing our love with each other and those who were ready to hear and see beyond our words. Our love and compassion for you has never waned over the tumultuous centuries, even when you felt alone and abandoned.

So, we invite you now to feel our embrace and know that I, Yeshua, and your own True Self are with you now and forever. We Are with you in your darkest hour and your brightest days. Let yourself feel our Truth and your Truth for you are sons and daughters of God. Let no person, church, or institution ever tell you again that you are anything less than a Divine Expression of All That Is.

I Am Yeshua and I hold you close to my heart in all compassion. You are dearly loved.

And so it is now and forever more.

We are always pleased we are able to join you in this time on earth when you are indeed moving forward at an amazing pace.

We want you to know that you have achieved beyond our greatest expectation, beyond our greatest imagination. You have succeeded in raising the level of consciousness not only of yourselves but also of the Earth, the forms around the earth, the greater part of your solar system, and also of the cosmos in general.You have been steadfast in your work.

And we so honor your work for you have done what many of us chose not to do. You chose to allow your frequencies to slowly over time decrease and descend more deeply and more deeply into what you now call the physical realm. This was an experiment that you all agreed to. And this experiment, dear ones, has worked. You made it work.

There were those of us on this side of the veil who believed that it would not work. Indeed there are those who wished to prevent the experiment. Why they opposed this experiment we will share with you at another time, maybe at a more appropriate time. We will say that these energies continue to work with those on the planet who wish to prevent the changes from coming through. But we tell you now that you have succeeded. You, the God Seeds, the Star Seeds, who allowed yourselves to become physical, to become human, and then remember who you are. Dear ones, this was no small feat we assure you, and we honor you deeply for it.

And now we come to this theme that many of you have been discussing. The changes within your body, the aches and pains that you currently feel. We tell you this is normal for the process requires change. And within your very cells, within your DNA, are occurring remarkable awakenings and changes that if you could only see you would be amazed. It would make the aches and pains that you feel now seem so insignificant, so trivial. But we understand that in the physical they seem to be very real and they are in your awareness. And much of what you have said and written to each other is exactly true. Breathe it in, accept what is going on. Realize that nothing is wrong. Realize that everything if right. That everything is perfect.

Oh, dear ones, we want to share with you the energy. Feel the energy behind the words, feel what we feel. See what we see when we talk with you this way. The changes that are going on, are remarkable for you are indeed calling in your Soul Self to integrate and meld with your physical self. You are allowing your physical personality, your physical self, your ego, your mind, to become a co-creator with All You Are, with your Higher Self. Your Higher Self in turn is calling in the energies of all [That You Are] and integrating all the pieces and parts of you that were scattered when you agreed to go through this process.

We ask that you continue your work, that you continue to breathe in “Yes” to All That You Are.

Breathe in “Yes” continue to say “Yes.”

“Yes, I Am God Also.”

“Yes, I Am All That I Am.”

Dear ones, breathe with this now. Allow yourselves to feel our love for you. Allow us to touch you on the shoulder and energetically embrace you and hold you close to our hearts. For you are indeed honored and loved.