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Christ Consciousness is an awareness and experience of one’s Divine Essence. Yeshua ben Joseph, aka Jesus Christ, was an embodiment of Christ Consciousness. He was an example to all humanity that a human is a spiritual being having a physical experience.

Humans are by nature Divine. Each Soul is Divine. The physical body is a physical home of the Soul on Earth. Yeshua’s point was that he was the way, the truth and the life. In other words, he was an example for all humanity that we are human but we can be aware or conscious of our own divine nature. Yeshua, the embodiment of Christ Consciousness, reminded us that we are actually divine beings here on Earth having a physical experience. His was an attempt to trigger an awakening within humanity to the Divine identity of our Soul Selves. Read the rest of this entry »

From time to time an awakening human will go through a resting phase, giving  the physical body space to adjust to Soul Self energy. That is why you may feel that the energy seems to recede. It does not, we assure you. We just stop the process temporarily to allow the cells to adapt. As we have said before, the cells are awakening, enlivening, and that can take energy which explains feeling tired or lethargic on some days.

This is quite to be expected since your body is accustomed to operating in a certain way. When that routine is disrupted by something, say embodiment, the body has some resistance to the change. It is the resistance that uses the energy. The best thing to do is breathe gently though it.

Do whatever you can to nurture yourself. If you feel like taking a nap, take a nap.¬† Take a hot salt-bath (sea salt is best). Take a walk. Whatever you choose to nurture you. The nurturing is an important part of the process. Be kind, be gentle to you. No need to push, not need to force. Force will not work anyway, so don’t bother.

Now, we will just be still and breathe with you. You breath us, we breathe you.

In la’kech. I AM another You.


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