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A Dream

Yesterday, I had a dream about unlocking and opening doors. I could look through the keyhole of each door but that only gave me a very narrow view of what was behind the door. Each room contained potentials and experiences I had hidden and locked away for many lifetimes including this one. I realized that in order to find out what was waiting behind each door I would have to unlock and open it.

I feel that those humans who choose to be on a journey of awakening are at the unlocking stage. We can consciously breathe to unlock the potentials behind each door. Every room holds a gift if we are bold enough to unlock the door and pass through to the other side. Each door leads us closer and closer to that which is most unknown to us, the Undiscovered Country of our Soul. We are deeply afraid, some of us, of what lies behind each door.

Perhaps it is the fear of our Soul Selves that keeps us from turning the key to unlock the potentials…and the gifts. But what do we have to lose, really, if we discover who we are? What if we go beyond belief and platitudes about I AM into knowing all that I AM?

There is much to communicate on this day regarding your passage of the immigration bill.

This bill is a symbol of the fear of many Americans. They feel the old ways slipping out of their grasp and they are looking around for some explanation. The easiest thing to identify are the ones coming to your country. Most of them are Hispanic peoples, seeking a better way of living.
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