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Much has been made of the “end of the world.” We would describe this as the End of an Era as Aandrah1 has so aptly named the changes. There is indeed a change, return occurring even as we speak. It is the return of all the entities that humans have called “gods.” We return not as saviors of humankind, but as observers and beneficiaries of the shift in human consciousness.

We return also as participants.  We are not the “causers.” You are. Your consciousness shift is what we are here for. Many of us are aspects of you from other times and places and we return now to integrate with those who are ready to receive us.

It is the end of the Annunaki/Atlantean era. The previous millennia have seen the evolvement of humans to the point that they do not need be any longer under the Atlanean spell of mind control. It is based in fear, as you know, and the veil is lifting off of humanity and they will either embrace the Truth or run screaming to the old beliefs. There will be clear and unambiguous choices to be made by humanity but there will no longer be the veil to fall back on as an “excuse” for unconsciousness. This is a new era of choice. It is the end of business as usual even for those who choose blindness over sight. There is no more half-way or half-assing human life.

Yes, the Mayan Bolon Yokte K’u energy is of war/death and creation and renewal. It is death to Atlantean influence and birth of the Age of Creation and creativity but on a much clearer and faster pace.

It is the death of ignorance and belief systems. It the death or end of the old ways of life for the old ways cannot withstand the influx of Truth and Light/Life. As your own belief systems crumble in the face of the Light of You, so are the old systems of human existence crumbling before the Light of Creative Consciousness.

There was much disappointment around December 21, 2012 for so many humans, from Christians to New Agists who were expecting some profound appearance either from Jesus or from the Aliens but what they get is the opportunity to separate Truth from Lies. For many it will not be easy to come face to face with Themselves. Some will run to the caves and valleys of death trying to escape the Truth of their own Divine Soul. Indeed, it will be difficult for some of the humans to look upon the face of God, the face in the mirror.

And it is a time of rejoicing for the return of Conscious Awareness to the Human Family is here. It is a matter of choice. Do I embrace All That I Am or do I run away in fear? So are the prophecies fulfilled for the events that you set in motion so long ago are now coming to fruition and it is your creation. It is not some system of reward and punishment, but the completion of the Great Experiment which resulted in the experiences of thousands of lifetimes and now those parts of you are returning to you for integration–not to save you–but to unite with All of You, which in itself is a form of salvation but from YOU and by YOU, not some distant god or alien.

Indeed, it is the End of the Era of Fear, Suffering, and Death and the Creation of the Era of Compassion, Life, and Love. It is the Return of Lemurian energy fully conscious, alive and well yet still very much Human. It the Death of Darkness and Birth of a New Lemurian Era of Light. It is a New Era of Luminance and Grace.

It is what you have created. It is so.

  1. DVD – End Of An Era and Message From Isis – Video DVD by Norma Delaney recorded at the Ohamah School on March 17, 2009 in Mallorca, Spain. In this video, Norma discusses how the phases of our lives come and go. The Message from Isis is about honoring this life rather than our history. []

Wind, Earth, and Sky

And so it is that I, Kuntar, wish to share our words and our energy with you on this new day of awakening.

And so you find yourself once more back in the lands of your ancestors. Does it not seem strange that you keep returning to these lands (southwestern United States)? Of course, it is not strange at all for you and I have walked these lands and shared many adventures together. We have walked the canyons and trails sharing our stories and speaking of adventures…and of the time in the distant future that we would once again walk the path of life together. We did not foresee then that you would become human once more and I would remain on this side to work with you and once again share our energies together in this way.

We spoke of a time when all two-leggeds would reach the place of departure from the old ways. We spoke with much love and compassion of the day awakening would come to all, not just the few as was the case for so long.

I still remember our last walk upon the lands of what you now call Mesa Verde, the green table, and we knew that it was time—that our work was done. It was time to go. And we looked into each other’s eyes and each other’s soul and we made our promise that in a new day and a new time we would once more look into each other’s hearts and remember. That is why you returned to these lands so many times—not aware but yearning for the memories of happy times yet ready to make knew memories in the time of the Great Awakening—the time of the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman—the Feminine energy and the Wisdom to and for all Humans.

And so it is, dear one, we know you as Adahm, the one who listens to the Wind. For you always listened for Spirit upon the wind—even during your lives as a sleep walker. We know you remember your first visit (in your current lifetime) to Mesa Verde. As you stood upon the precipice overlooking the canyon, we came upon the Wind to you from behind and, brushing past you, we heard you exclaim, “Oh my God! They’re still here!” And it was so, though it took a few more years for your awakening to the one you have called, “The Chief.” And so it is with great joy and love that you and I once again unite in our common love and our common work together—you on that side and I, Kuntar, on this side. We continue our work as “bringers of the dawn,” a phrase coined by the dear one, Barbara Marciniak 1  for we are from the Stars—Star Seeds—planting the seeds of light upon a darkened planet Earth. And now we continue our work of the harvest, reaping the expanding consciousness that is upon our beautiful Earth.

Oh, the joy that we have that you at last remember. At the perfect time, old friend, at the perfect time.

Now we would speak further regarding your writing of yesterday. You wrote of breathing Earth and Sky. We would with your permission expound upon this important awareness. [Yes, of course.]

As you have written, many languages use the same word for air, wind, breath, and Spirit. Woniye wakan, Lakota; Ruahk, Hebrew; Ik, Mayan; Pneuma, Greek; Ha, Hawaiian; Spiritus, Latin; and so on. Is it not interesting that the only word in English which comes close is “Holy Spirit?” And even that is now separated and distinguished from air, wind, and breath. Even the language expresses the influence of the duality belief (lie) of the Christian Church that to be human is to be separate from Spirit.

Humans created all these words in so many languages to remind yourselves to Breathe your own Spirit Soul. Culture after culture, lifetime after lifetime, until the last two thousand years or so, you reminded yourselves to Breathe. Conscious Breath UNITES Human and Spirit, just as Wind UNITES Earth and Sky. As you felt this Truth this morning on your walk on the streets of Santa Fe, you reminded yourself to listen to the Wind once more. As the Great Uniter, She brings the Breath of Life to all beings and to all Creation. You have heard your scientists speak of “solar winds.” Even they assist in the awakening to Wind, Life, All That Is, Wakan Tanka, however you wish to phrase it, Spirit is all things.

We wish to remind all Humans to breathe Life for it is through this sacred wind that you awaken into your true selves for you are all Sacred Spirits. The Great Uniter, Wind (Breath), will gently nudge you awake so that you see yourself for who—and what—you truly are.

May the Wind of Life remind you of your own Spirit and unite you, the Human with You, the Spirit, and to your own Wisdom of what the First Peoples have called, White Buffalo Calf Woman. She is Wisdom of Soul. She returns now to your heart bringing the Joy of Life to all Humans regardless of race, creed, color, or belief. She returns to the hearts of all who choose to unite Masculine and Feminine and bring an end to duality. (Oh, many of the Humans will choose to play the duality game for a time and there is an Earth prepared for them until they are ready to join you in Unity and Awareness.)

We are so honored and Joy Full that you have allowed us to speak through you to all who might view these energy words. Many are seeking a new path, a new breath, a new wind upon which to soar into the Sun of their own Spirit.

We bring you greetings of deepest Love and greatest Compassion for your ways have been long and steep upon the road of Human life experience. We are pleased to join you now in awareness and walk with all of you into the greatest adventure of all. We are so happy once more to be with you, our old friends.

With the highest honor, we say, “Until we meet again,” for we never say, “Goodbye.”

I AM Kuntar, “the Chief” of Anasazi.


  1. Marciniak, Barbara. Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings of the Pleiadians. Bear & Company, 1992. ISBN 093968098X. []

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