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Greeting, dear ones. We are the Council of Light and we are here to assist humanity to move forward into the fullness of their true Divine Nature.

It is not our place to do this for you. It is a task that each of you can decide upon for yourselves. It is a decision that only you can make. Do you really want to follow the Divine Will? Do you know what that means really? Do you want to know?

Dear ones, we are here to offer information and sometimes guidance but it is you who must decided. There is no judgment regarding any choice you make. We love and support you no matter what decisions you make. Our role is to support any decisions you make. We will never tell you what to do. We can offer a new perspective which you can base your decisions. That is the depth of our unconditional love for you. You are it! You who are changing the world. We only support your creations. That is our role.
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