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The Now Time

Greetings, dear ones. We are the Council of Light and we love you dearly.

You are the ones in this lifetime who will show the way to that Divine Spark contained within each human. You will be the ones to show the world that there is no duality, no separation, a belief that has pervaded human thought for too long. Even the ancient Gnostics had come to believe in this dualism. We tell you now that it is a lie. There never was a separation or a fall from grace. Everything you see is part of the whole, an expression of the All That Is Creator.

Yes, there was a descent for lack of a better word into what you now know as the physical realms. But these realms do not exist separately from the angelic realms. They are another expression of the Divine All That Is. The All is complete in and of Itself. The Divine Spark within is merely another expression of an aspect of All That Is.

This idea of duality and separation comes from ignorance or, in other words, forgetfulness. As your human form explored more and more deeply the physical realms they also began to forget their essence. Over eons of time you began to believe that God or the Gods were separate from you and were in fact in charge of you. Over time you allowed these “Gods,” the other aspects of you, to take charge and control your lives. You began to pray and supplicate and even offer sacrifice to these aspects of yourselves.

Your amnesia became so deep as to completely cloak your true knowledge (gnosis). You began to doubt, albeit fearfully, that there even was any kind of deity. As your worship of the ancient aspects of yourselves deepened and intensified, your various dogmas became more and more entrenched into your daily lives. As you became more and convinced of the “truth” of your beliefs, you became increasingly intolerant of other systems. These religious animosities pervaded all aspects of your cultures.

Convinced of the “holiness” of your belief systems you convinced yourselves that it was your duty to carry out the demands of your gods. You came to believe that it was your holy mission to carry forth the “word of God” into all lands, regardless of the others’ beliefs or customs. You became so enamored of your belief systems you were ready to die and to kill for your beliefs.

The time has come, dear ones, to acknowledge your past and move on into the present. Now you can and do remember. You are re-acquainting yourselves with all your aspects, including those gods of old that you created for your own enjoyment and experience.

We tell you now that you are evolved beyond any time or place of the past. While many of you were deeply involved with and connected to those ancient cultures, you have moved beyond any of them. Your achievements of integration with your Divine Self is far beyond any time, place, or culture. While you may look upon these ancients with awe and respect, we will remind you that you merely look upon yourselves from the past. Allow yourselves to remember those times, honor those past aspects and expressions of you, then step fully into the Now, into the fullness of All That you Are in the Present.

We know that for some of you letting go of those past times will be difficult. You have much fondness and familiarity of those times. They hold much fascination for you. But if you allow, you can feel the greatness of these Now times. You are on a path of ascension, remaining here on this planet and passing through many “lifetimes” within one. It is in this lifetime that can achieve that which was thought about, written about, and hoped for in past times. You have held the meetings and forums in the ancient times in which you discussed these days you live now.

We speak of these things in order for you to begin to see how you often hold onto the past lives and events that were experienced by aspects of you. Many of you helped to create those great civilizations, known and unknown. You were the builders of empires, cultures, and religions. There is nothing you haven’t done. You foresaw the times when it would be possible to walk the Earth as a Divine Human. You knew it was possible then. You are doing it now. Do you allow yourself to feel the significance of this Now time? And so in this lifetime is your greatest achievement.

You walk this planet in the physical realms fully integrated with All That You Are. That Divine Spark within you is who you are and will go before you making the way clearer for those that follow.

Walking the Earth as the embodiment of gnosis, knowledge, has never been done before. Oh, it was thought about. The question were raised, discussed, and debated. Your great councils and schools of the mysteries explored these phenomena with excitement and interest. Many of you argued that it might be possible to remain physical but still fully embody and integrate with your Divine Truth. Oh, how you longed to know if it were indeed possible. You have longed and hungered for the direct experience of your own God Self and the gnosis (knowledge) that integration would bring.

We tell you now, dear ones, you have and are achieving the experience of integration of gnosis.

Can you trust and love yourself so much to feel the Allness of You? We invite you to breathe with this new knowledge every day and anytime you remember. Breathe in the fullness of You. Breathe in gnost, the gnosis that transcends description and explanation. It will never by described or explained for it is beyond words—beyond the mind. But it is not beyond experience, feeling, or knowing. It is a grand gift you have offered to yourselves and it is time to allow this experience fully into your lives.

And so, as you breathe forth into this new experience, you will remember more and more of who you are but the past times and and experiences will mean less and less to you for you will realize the full extent and impact of the Now time to which you have contributed so much.

Now is not the time to be looking back to what you were or what you thought you were. It is time to see yourselves now in the full Divine Light of All That You Are. There has never been a more opportune time in your existence. It is a time of great rejoicing at your accomplishments in this lifetime for you have shed the bonds of the old ways and times. We tell you now that the time is here for you to open to your Godhood. It is time to stop hiding behind your masks of old lives and old experiences. You have brought to yourselves and therefore to the world the greatest gift ever imagined.

Gone are the times of giving away your energies to those who would freely take from your life’s essence. Now is the time for you to acknowledge and contain your full Divinity. You have worked so hard and endured so much in order to make these times possible. To be able to walk this planet as a Divine Human is one of the most amazing accomplishments. You have created and accomplished much more than you imagine or know at this time. Your experiences are the foundation upon which rests the profound changes occurring all around you and your planet.

And so it is that you have come to this place of lightness and ascension. You have reached the point of no return. You have stopped the progression of the walk into the depths of physicality. And you are stepping forth into All That You Are. You cannot go back even if you wanted to. You see, you are an Ascended Master and we have often reminded you and we will continue to do so for you are that Truth.

You can be assured that you are not being left behind; you miss nothing as you have sometimes wondered. We ask you to allow yourself to feel the love, to breathe in the Love that is All That You Are. Breathe in deeply into the core of you the Truth of Love that is and always has been with you even through the roughest of times. This is the gift that you gave yourselves. This gift of Love that passes all understanding. Indefinable. Inexplicable. Just pure compassionate Love for You.

Breathe in the Breath of Truth, the Breath of Love. Allow yourselves the Joy of this knowing.

We are the Council of Light and we love you, oh, so dearly. You are indeed honored for all you continue to do.