Recommended Reading

Recommended reading for the awakening human:

Any books by Ken Carey available at I especially like Return of the Bird Tribes.

Anna, Grandmother of Jesus
Author: Claire Heartsong
Publisher: S.E.E. Publishing (January 1, 2002)
Product Description: Meet the extraordinary mother of the Virgin Mary and grandmother of Jesus whose teachings and service birthed a spiritual lineage that changed the world. Discover missing pieces of history concerning Anna, Mary, and Jesus; unknown places they traveled, people they knew, and intimate details of their daily life struggle to complete the Resurrection challenges. Receive the activations and messages encoded in this book that can help bring the feminine principle into your own daily spiritual life completing your “path of initiation” begun long ago.

Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes
(A Sequel to Anna, Grandmother of Jesus)
Author:  Claire Heartsong with Catherine Ann Clemett.
Publisher: S.E.E. Publishing Co.
ISBN:  978-0-9844863-0-4
Excerpt: “Just as we dissolved the oath of silence, let us now release any remaining false beliefs held across all time and space about the need for blood atonement and blood sacrifice. Whether those beliefs are held in the collective consciousness, as myths or religious doctrine, let us now release them as pure energy and life-force that is available for the benefit of all. Wherever guilt, shame and fear are held in any structure of tissue, chakras, and DNA, which attract old patterns of sacrifice, know that these emotional and mental formations are now dissolved. They hold no power, whatsoever. Likewise, all traumas resulting from torture and dying a martyr’s death are dissolved. The released energy is now available for nurturing and opening your mind and heart to well-being and joyful living on all levels through all time and space. May this be so for all beings!”
Product Description:
In this sequel to ANNA, GRANDMOTHER OF JESUS, join Anna, the holy family and eighteen other Magdalene-Essenes as they carry their work forward into France and Britain after Jesus’s (Yeshua’s) resurrection. They disclose their personal and deeply transformational experiences with the resurrected Yeshua, which occurred over the course of many years. Discourses on a variety of spiritual topics are offered, including material which some may consider heretical and controversial. Long-held secrets are revealed in such a way as to assist the lifting of the suppressed Divine Feminine/Magdalene voice in our time. Enjoy hearing intimate details from the Magdalenes own lips as they lift the veil of silence that has concealed their exemplary lives of compassion and spiritual mastery. Receive a greater understanding of the Christ drama 2,000 years ago and its relevance to present-day humanity and your own awakening. ANNA, THE VOICE OF THE MAGDALENES reveals… the lost years after Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection; long-hidden secrets concerning Jesus intimate life, relationships and children; Inspiring, relevant messages and energies for awakening love and experiencing joy in this time of great chaos; the vital importance of lifting the suppressed Divine Feminine voice so that all beings may flourish and be brought into harmony and balance; the Seeding of Light – the dispersion of Anna’s, Mother Mary’s and Jesus’s enlightened descendants whose bloodline acts as a living catalyst for Magdalene potential. Enjoy hearing from Anna s own lips, those intimate feelings and family life details that only a feminine heart could share about those she loved and taught.


The Red Lion & The Elixir of Eternal Life
Author:  Maria Szepes & Gizella Jozsa
Publisher: Horus Publishing, Inc.
ISBN:  0965262170

Originally published in 1946 in Hungary, this ambitious and relentlessly arcane novel reshapes the stuff of legend into a compelling, if ponderous, philosophical melodrama. Subtitled “The Elixir of Eternal Life,” it recounts the harrowing adventures endured, over a span of four centuries, by Hans Burgner, a 16th-century alchemist’s apprentice who murders his master in order to possess a potion rumored to confer the gift of immortality. Having drunk this elixir, Burgner is condemned to be repeatedly reborn, century after century, as a cursed visionary who sees, but is powerless to prevent, the injustices and cruelties that lie in wait for his fellowmen. Eventually purified by his sufferings, Cornelius (Hans’s final incarnation) fulfills his destiny: to prophesy, to a world ravaged by war, the reappearance of the Messiah. Discursive and hyperbolic, The Red Lion, a bulky mixture of biblical, alchemical, and historical lore (which rather resembles Eugene Sue’s epic romance The Wandering Jew), nevertheless explores with passionate intensity its deeply flawed hero’s passage from sin and error, through a world more flawed even than he, to a paradoxical state of grace. It’s a very imperfect novel, but a memorable reading experience all the same. — Copyright ©1998, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.