Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness is an awareness and experience of one’s Divine Essence. Yeshua ben Joseph, aka Jesus Christ, was an embodiment of Christ Consciousness. He was an example to all humanity that a human is a spiritual being having a physical experience.

Humans are by nature Divine. Each Soul is Divine. The physical body is a physical home of the Soul on Earth. Yeshua’s point was that he was the way, the truth and the life. In other words, he was an example for all humanity that we are human but we can be aware or conscious of our own divine nature. Yeshua, the embodiment of Christ Consciousness, reminded us that we are actually divine beings here on Earth having a physical experience. His was an attempt to trigger an awakening within humanity to the Divine identity of our Soul Selves.

We know now how misunderstood and misrepresented this message is. We developed belief systems around the theme of salvation and redemption. But these beliefs led us away from the truth of who we really are. These beliefs in an outside redeemer or of a redemption plan require us to deny our own divine essence.

Layers of guilt and shame are laid upon humanity, creating a sort of prison from which there seems to be no escape. Our Christian beliefs teach us of our unworthiness and hopelessness except through the blood or forgiveness of Jesus Christ who, we are taught, is the only son of God.

Of course, we are all sons and daughters of god, having divine souls which are expressions of the All That Is. These expressions of divinity wish only to be acknowledged by us. They wish only for us to know their unconditional love and compassion they have for us, the physical human expression of the Soul Self.

As Judeo-Christian teachings would have us believe, we are separate from God through some ancient fall from grace. This separation belief has enslaved humans for centuries. Yeshua attempted to show by example that this separation theology was a myth. He attempted to show us that there was never a separation and the we, as divine beings, can never be separated from our divine Soul Selves. It is the belief in the separation that makes us feel separate from our Soul Selves.

Yeshua’s divine example was to show us that the embodiment of our Soul Self is an awareness of who we really are. The awareness of the Soul Self is the awareness of Christ Consciousness. To embody our Soul Self is to embrace an expanded awareness of our true divine nature as spiritual beings here on this Earth at this time in physical experience.

Judeo/Christian/Islamic doctrines promote the myth of a fall from grace of one sort or another leading to the feeling of worthlessness of humanity. This heavy mantle has been laid upon humanity to the benefit of organizations and their leaders who have until now been successful in keeping humans blinded and ignorant of their own divine nature.

The decline in church membership and attendance is indicative of an increase in curiosity of and interest in spirituality among heretofore unquestioning believers and followers. There are many humans who are awakening to a restlessness within themselves. They are hearing Gabriel’s great trumpet sounding its wake up call to awaken to the truth of who they really are.

There has been much written regarding the Antichrist. Usually the Antichrist is depicted as a person who is against and even posing falsely as a the Christ. It is my belief that the Antichrist is any person, organization, or group that would mislead humans away from knowing his or her divine Soul Self. Any religion or philosophy that teaches a separation story is Anti-Christ Consciousness. That humans are separated from god is a lie and a continuing attempt to keep humans from the truth of All That They Are. In short, any religion or philosophy that attempts to deny the divine nature of humans is Anti-Christ Consciousness.

Anyone who attempts to define a human as a corrupt and sinful and undeserving of god’s love is a “false prophet,” and therefore an Anti-Christ (Consciousness).

Anyone who teaches a philosophy that it is impossible to be human and divine is teaching a lie and is Anti-Christ (Consciousness) for Yeshua was both human and divine as an example for all humanity. For Yeshua to have presented himself as an example for us to strive for but never able to achieve would be a cruel hoax and no infinitely loving and compassionate divine entity could play such a prank on humanity, the beings created in the very image of god.

There are entities who would wish to keep humans in the dark regarding the direct, experience and consciousness of their Soul Selves, but one of those would not be Yeshua ben Joseph.

You, dear one, are a divine expression of the All That Is Creator. You are God Also and the direct experience of All That You Are is only a breath away.

In la’kech. I AM another you.


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