On the Afterlife

Now we will turn to another subject. This is of great interest to you because you have so many beliefs surrounding what you call “the afterlife.” We find this somewhat amusing since there is only life. We, of course, know you are referring to after physical life but we would remind you that there is no death. There is transition and change.

On of the great questions you have is regarding past lives or reincarnation. There is in some of your religions a rejection of the idea of post lives. We tell you now that in some respects that is truth from the stand point of there being no past really. But in the illusion you have created for yourselves, there is a past and past lives. You created this so that you could experience as many different aspects of physical life as possible.

We will tell you now that the idea of karma as many of you see it is not accurate. Karma is not a form of justice. It is not a way of reward and punishment. While the idea of reaping what you sow is appealing to many, that is not the way things work. The idea is based on beliefs that the things people do are recorded and in one lifetime or another they will receive some reward or punishment of equal measure.

Another belief surrounding karma is that one must try in each lifetime to build up the good karma so that one receives the benefits in each succeeding lifetimes the rewards are greater and greater. This also has another aspect that one continues to grow spiritually through good works and deeds and then eventually one no longer “has” to come back to make corrections to previous mistakes.

We say again that these ideas are not accurate.

Each lifetime is pre-planned by your before you ever incarnate. This is not the same thing as predestination. You always have free will on your planet you can change the plan at any time, though most of you do not since you do not recall ever having planned the experience previously. What actually occurs is that you all plan the roles and experiences with each other in advance. Often these are role reversals in order to experience a variety of lives and to experiment with how these experiences might help each other to progress to the point of actually beginning to remember who you really are.

These experiences have nothing to do with rewards and punishments. They have to do with the experience of being in the physical world in order to raise the vibration to the point of being able to experience the Divine Self while still in physical form. This is actually ascension and that is the purpose which you created.

The experiment generally speaking was to descend into high density matter and then ascend to the point of “reuniting” with your Divine Spirit. It is an experiment to see if spirit and flesh could merge without necessitating the “elimination” of either. In other words, was it possible to move into another lifetime or lifetimes without going through physical death?

There were many “angels” who volunteered to participate in the experiment. A small planet was chosen for the experiment. It was in an out of the way location and it was under the protection of the Archangels. They were to insure that the “lab” would not be interfered with by entities who did not agree with the experiment. There were many guardians who were sent as well, many of whom are in human form. Others are here in spirit form.

These guardians you might wish to call them guardian angels, do not forget who they are and where then are from. They are here to “guard” against the darkness taking over. It is not necessarily so that these “demons” as you might call them are evil. It is just that they do not wish things to change because they have great powered in the old energy. They were given great power by humans who were fearful and, as humans become stronger, they begin to take back the power they have been giving away. Now it is the “dark ones” who are frightened of losing their power. They do not realize that the power can be transformed and can be used to move forward with the rest of the universe.

The energy, as you know, has shifted. The energy of light has expanded to such a an extant that the guardians purpose has shifted as well. This has and will cause pain for many of them as the purpose changes. Some will actually not be able to adjust to these changes and will return home. While there is no judgment about this, it a time of terrible adjustment for many of them will have a sense of failure and will undergo a period of intense self-examination to deal with this sense of failure. As we said this a very intense procedure and may continue for a long period of time from an Earth perspective.

The ones who are able to stay will and are suffering as well. They came to do a particular job and now that service is no longer needed and they now must shift to a different purpose. Many of them were dreadfully pained when the World Trade Center event occurred. They all knew they could have prevented the events and those in the Middle East if they had been allowed. They are in pain over this but they have a strong sense of duty and commitment to Divine Will.

They well stay as long as necessary to work with other humans and angels who are awakening. These guardians realize that the awakening ones will take over the tasks that are now being performed by the guardians. The Guardians wish to return home as soon as possible and so they are working continuously and tirelessly to continue the transformation to the new energies.

As this transformation continues, these guardians will slowly return to their places on the “other side of the veil.” Humans will take on more and more of the responsibility of Earth/Solar System stewardship. This transfer of power is happening very rapidly now. The tide has turned so to speak.

The energies are intensifying in your Middle East as the transfer continues. There are forces which are desperate to hold on to power and there are humans who are cooperating with those forces. These are not evil humans. They are out of touch with their Divine Selves and are turning to powers that they believe they can use for their own power on Earth.

This conflict will continue for some months perhaps years as the energy to destroy is depleted. They will eventually tire of the conflict when they see that neither side is gaining an advantage.

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