On Human Growth

In the area of human growth, we would say that there has never been a time or opportunity like now on this planet. While there have been many advanced civilizations on this planet besides Atlantis and Lemuria, humans have surpassed any and all of those civilizations. In some ways, these societies developed amazing technologies but they never reached the heights that current humans have on a spiritual level.

Never before has there been the opportunity to expand consciousness throughout the universe. In fact there were many who thought this effort would fail also. Earth Experiment had virtually been dismissed as a failure. But you humans changed all that when you decided to move beyond war and destruction. Enough of you stopped believing in the old ways that were not working. You saw that the things that had been taught and tried for centuries were no longer valid. “What had changed?” you asked.

You began to question the old ways and many were born who had no concept of those beliefs and values. Together you changed everything. Gone was global destruction and disease scenario. You began to believe there was another way. You weren’t sure what that would be but you knew that there could be a better world. You began to dream. You dreamed of a time when the Earth would be pristine once again. You dreamed of a time when humanity would look upon one another with deep love, respect and compassion. You dreamed of a time when your life would be free from disease, anger and pain. You dreamed that heaven had come to Earth. Home had come to you.

And so it is that you have created Heaven on Earth. Oh, the residue of the old way persists, but you changed the ending of the play. You dear Earth Angels have brought the love energies to Earth in such a way and with such force that all other vibrations will soon attune themselves with the new.

We will remind you at this time that the new energies are not static. They are continually shifting and changing along with human consciousness. Do not think that there is or will be a finite end to these changes. That can never be so. These changes are evolutionary. Your imaginations, while fertile, have not grasped the grandeur and promise of what you have accomplished. Instead of an end, there is a beginning. It is truly a never-ending story. For as you imagination expands and awakens further you will create what has never been dreamed. You are the dreamers the creators of the new worlds. If only you could see what you have done already, you would not believe it. You will see in time and your astonishment will be great indeed.

For now, the veil is still in place but we tell you that it is but for a very short time. You are awakening at such a pace that even we are astonished. We never thought you could go so far so fast. But you have. You are. We are so pleased. We bow to you for we are truly in awe of the human angels who sacrificed their memories of home to expand the consciousness of God. You volunteered time and time again. You are the explorers, the discoverers. And you have exceeded all expectations. This you will know soon. You will see. You will believe.

Dear human angels we want you to know how dearly you are loved. We are so honored to be part of the great experiment. We yearn for the time when the veil will be gone and we can once again commune with you as we do on the other side of the veil.

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