Breathe Life

And so we once again extend our hand to you in greeting. It has been a while since we last spoke to you in this way.

We have been watching and waiting while you continue your work of integrating your past into your now. We see your struggles to let go of those old ideas, beliefs, and pasts that no longer serve you. You know it is time to give them their freedom. Yet, they are so automatic for you have relied on them for so long, so many lifetimes. They have been good servants and they have served you well. But the time has come to give them the freedom they so deserve. These former lives still exist, but no physically. They exist in a form that you might think of as a ghostly form. They have a form of life of their own, even though they have no physical body. They are still attached to you, so to speak. They have known that there would be a time when they too could be freed from the energetic hold on them.

You see, you have never let them go. You bring them all with you, lifetime after lifetime. Some of them are dark and have been relegated to the deepest, darkest regions for you could not bring yourself to remember them. They were not so pleasant during their lifetime. You have such shame and guilt for these reflections of your experiences. You have sought to ignore them for they are abhorrent to you. And so you have pretended they do not exist, these apparitions that often haunt your dreams and thoughts. Oh, we know that you immediately push thoughts back from you for some are too painful to remember. Yet, they are there, waiting, watching and wondering is it safe to come home.

We would remind you that there is nothing you have not experienced in one lifetime or another, in one existence or another from the most base and hideous to the most lofty and sublime. You see, it is for the experience. There is no judgment but that which you bring to yourselves. You have created a judge, jury, and executioner and you are indeed harsh judges of your experiences. You mete out your judgments without mercy for those experiences that you created.

We tell you now it is time for mercy. Have mercy on all of your selves for the day of reckoning has come. What lies and apparitions will be able to stand? The day has come for you to allow yourselves to see and feel once more those parts of you that you have hidden away in the closets of forgetfulness. It is time to bring it all home to You. It is time for you to forgive your selves for it is only you who can forgive and pardon the past. You have been the judge. Now it is time to be the Forgiver, the Pardoner, for no one else outside of you can. Outside of You, there is no judgment. There is only love, compassion, and admiration for your willingness to walk the path of forgetfulness.

And so we invite you to breathe consciously. For it is through this conscious breath of life that you can begin to gently and lovingly allow yourself to remember and in your remembering forgive and love all that you have ever been.

It is through the breath of life that you find the safety and courage to welcome home even the darkest of your energies. When you feel safe they feel safe enough to approach. Oh, these old energies may not feel the best to you and the memories may be disturbing at first. Just breathe the breath of life, the Essence of All That You Are. This breath of spirit is your safe space, your calm in the storm. When you breathe this breath, you breathe the essence, the All That Was, All That Is, and All That Will Be. It is the breath of god. The breath is your shelter in the time of storm and your safe space.

We know you doubt the simplicity of the breath. Be we tell you now, it is this simple yet profound breath of life that will transform you. It is the breath of change. It is, oh, so much more than air. Much more. It is your umbilical cord that connects your current physical self to your Soul Self. When you consciously breathe, you become conscious of this cord and with the practice of the conscious breath, you begin to shorten, so to speak, this cord. The cord has maintained your connection while you have sleep-walked throughout your lifetimes. With the awakening to consciousness, you become aware of your Soul Self. This awareness begins to bring your physical self closer to your Soul Self.

One way to describe this is that the cord begins to expand inwardly and outwardly as you breathe. As it expands, it shortens and there is less and less distinction between the physical body, your human aspect in this lifetime, and your Divine Soul. With practice, the illusion of separation continues to dissolve into your very Essence.

The slender thread becomes one and the same with both your physical aspect and your Soul Self. While this may not truly express what occurs, it may help with the analysis and questioning of the mind to have an image of the process.

And so we invite you to breathe life, breathe love for it is the essence that you bring into every particle of your being. It is time now to awaken. You are here for your awakening. Breathe and allow All That You Are to come play with you.

And so until our next talk with you, breathe. Your Divine Self is only a breath away.


  1. Spicer Amy’s avatar

    I have maitained my Breathing for many days now ,I have come into new understandings with all things, this physical realm as being harsh and not receptive to our energy in these matters,STILL, I try to keep my soul self away from those things as they no longer hold interest for me. I continue to hold your energy close so that it may help me know that I am still on course,thank-you for that energy,I have come to feel calm in it.

  2. I only have begun to reconsile myself WITH myself. Things, so many things to ponder, memories to mull through. It will indeed take the Beath of Life to cleanse the spirit and the inner soul from these emotions. I do feel I am my own WORST critic in ALL things I do , have done. So many regrets, but in time I will prevail to my true calling and inner peace with the forgiveness that is of the spirit. And so I too will BREATHE.

    1. Just know there is no judgment, no separation, no fall from grace. These are beliefs that served us well, perhaps, in the past. Now, we can let them go.

      There is nothing to forgive. Our Soul is our Salvation and she does not judge us ever. She is Compassion itself.

    2. Ah, good for you, Amy. Keep breathing!
      Yes, we judge ourselves harshly. In time, we can know that there is nothing wrong, nothing to regret, nothing to forgive. It is only experience. Your soul has only compassion for your experiences.