“When I Say I’m Not A Christian…”

While exploring the history of atrocities against humanity by the Christian Church and Christian countries, I discovered this poem at notachristian[dot]com. The site is no longer active.

I Am Not a Christian

When I say… “I am not a Christian”
I’m not arguing about your religion.
I’m whispering “Creator never lost us,
And there’s nothing to be forgiven.”

When I say… “I am not a Christian”
I mean that I trust Creator to guide me.
What I’ve found inside your churches
Aren’t the truths Creator placed in me.

When I say… “I am not a Christian”
It’s not a question of right and wrong
Even as your rabid evangelism
Uses my traditions as a joke
To trample on.

When I say… “I am not a Christian”
There’s no trick, no trap, no test.
Just saying “In my eyes you failed,
And in the name of your God
You have made this mess.”

When I say… “I am not a Christian”
I’m not claiming to be the enemy,
But your claws are far too visible
As you pretend to be a friend to me.

When I say… “I am not a Christian”
I feel your stares like a lash’s pain
From your culture so entrenched
In taking what I believe in vain.

When I say… “I am not a Christian”
It’s not any kind of invitation
For you to question my beliefs
I owe no mortal an explanation.

When I say… “I am not a Christian”
I’m not saying I’m holier than thou,
We BOTH have Creator inside us
And you’ll open your eyes

– Voice of Golden Eagle

  1. Amy’s avatar

    This is so true, Christianity is not the single only religion of this Earth. It is not by far the most correct one, none of them are. Organized to benefit only the hierarchy therein and those who obtain benefits from them (and not necessarily a charity), in God’s name of course. All manner of things good and horrifyingly wrong have been done in “His” name. “God” the creator is all encompassing, those of the “church” ( insert ANY organized religion) would put limits on the Creator and thus mold the concept into that which benefits them and their particular “brand” of religion. Open your minds and hearts to the concept of One all encompassing Creator in a universe of Chaos created to be endured by the human spririt ; to play out the good and bad in that spirit, because no One is perfect. Those who see with the devine eye of enlightenment of this realm are trying to gently take forward the rest, but it is a vast hard task. Many disappointments and many failures of these humans have ensued over the millenia. It is coming dear ones; time to understand and prepare for the change. Understand that your “religion” of choice will not be the saving grace. Look within!