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I’ve been feeling disconnected the past few days, as though my Soul Self was no longer near by.

Today I began to realize there had been a shift in my energy field, meaning that I had to feel “Us” in a different way and in a different place. I had to trust my knowing that when I write or when I speak, I Am speaking with One Voice. It is not so much that I channel “Us”. I channel All That I Am, All That I Am channels me.

This is very much different from what we have come to know as channeling. The old form of channeling was that a human would give permission to allow messages from entities to come through. There was little participation on the part of the human who was acting as a medium or channel for the entity’s message. Then we upgraded to a new way in which the channeler was somewhat of a participant by remaining aware and acting as interpreter.

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Recently, I had a conversation with my Soul Self regarding inter-dimensional communication. Many of you who have been on the journey for a while may not find anything new here. Nonetheless, I’m putting this “on the wind,” a gentle wind, for those who stumble upon this site. 😉

We like to think it is an open two-way communication instead of one-way messages from on high. In fact, we on this side find it very funny that you on that side place such a special value on our communications with you. Oh, we do love the communication but it is quite normal and natural for a human to actually talk to us, not as a form of meditation or prayer, but direct conversation. This is what we want the humans to understand. We want you to allow this communication with you.

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