The Full Armor of God

This is how awareness works.

As you become aware, you begin to discover the energies around you and how you effect yourself when you give your energy away. This is “sexual energy” effect that Tobias speaks of. It is when you least suspect that you are most effected. This is not about being a victim. But the unaware human is buffeted about by “every wind of doctrine.” Again, no victims here, but just how the old energies work. In the new consciousness, the aware human does not fall into the trap of victimhood. Of course, their is no victim when the game is played.

As you become more aware, you discover who your real friends are. Again, do not fall into judgment here. Do not fall for that trap. But awareness makes you victim-less. You cannot be an aware human and be a victim at the same time. Just as the pilgrim in Pilgrim’s Progress, you put on your full armor of god: All That You Are.

The full armor of god is the fullness of your Soul Self Being. When you stand in the fullness of your Essence, you are in full armor.

When energies come which do not quite feel right to you, ask, “Who are you?” three times and watch the result. And they will come sooner or later. You can ask the question three times energetically or aloud, directly to the energy and then you can watch them retreat for they cannot face the bright light of All That You Are.

And so, as you gird about you the full armor of All That You Are, go forth with the power of your Love and Compassion. Know that you need not be a participant in your own oppression by giving away your energy to those who are so eager to feed off you.

Breathe in the breath of change. The breath of change will strengthen your armor, one breath at a time. Your breath is your sword of truth for when you breathe, you live. That is the change that will come to you. You will change from a compliant participant in your own enslavement, to a tireless, compassionate warrior, a shining light of truth in a dark world. Let the light of your shining armor light the way for you. Let the world see you as you really are. You Are God Also, and god hides from nothing!

Truth never hides, manipulates, or seduces. It just is. You just are God Also. That is the Truth of You, whether you choose to believe it or not. The Truth of You does not diminish just because you choose not to know Yourself.

The Truth of You, that You Are God Also, is there for you when you are ready to choose, “Yes! I Am God Also. I Am That I Am!”

Breathe that in, dear one, and you will see. There is no going back to the darkness of the lie that you are nothing but a mere human. You have chosen to live that lie long enough.

It is time. Breathe with All That You Are. Let the breath of You breathe you. Let this gentle wind of change blow away the dark fog of fear and doubt.

Let the gentle breath of You show you the Truth of All That You Are.

You Are God Also.


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  1. Spicer Amy’s avatar

    Yes it is so simple. It really never was a hard thing, we make it hard when we do not open up and accept all that we are. Love is truly simple; being afraid makes that hard. No soul is insignificant, yours mine or anyone’s;I’ll always be glad in my heart to share all that I am,all the love I have to offer with those in need and are on the journey to being all that they can be and are finding themselves for the first time; the shields we put up must be torn away for the light to shine fully upon our faces and in our hearts, yes and it is so beautiful, pure and just simply love. I continue to breathe with you in all things.

  2. This Truth is so simple. My Soul is so simple. Not insignificant. Just simple. My Soul simply Is and wants to participate in my life. Everything. For so long I kept Her away thinking my life was too base, too “physical.” All She ever wanted was to participate with me. Here. Now. So simple. So beautiful.

  3. This was SO refreshing to read and hear in my “mind’s eye” all that I AM, all that IS. So true,so true, I appreciate the energy expressed here,it is a great relief to now know I am not alone in these feelings and that there are others who have gained the wisdom and understanding to express all that they are as well. I breathe with you in all things.