Belief Systems: The Atrophy of Truth

Belief systems tend to hold tight to the status quo. They are designed by you as a way for humanity to resist change. There is seeming comfort in rules and beliefs. If there are certain universal truths that humanity comes to accept, then comfort and complacency set in to hold the moment.

This atrophy of truth has held humanity back for eons of time. Grand institutions have been established to preserve the “truth.” Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and all religions of the world have been established to preserve sets of beliefs that are called truth. Men, women, and children die in an attempt to not only preserve their truth, but also to convince others of that truth. Humans will oftentimes kill other humans in order to save those humans. All in the name of God, Allah, Yahweh. They’re all the same.

Beliefs developed that there is only one God and that one true God wants everyone to worship him. The believers then begin concocting schemes to spread the belief in this one true god because this god wants everyone to follow him as the one true God. Any other gods are fake, and therefore the followers of this false gods must be convinced by any means to forsake the false god and follow the one true god.

So the wars begin. And all wars are religious wars. At the heart and core of every culture is some kind of religion or philosophy. These sets of beliefs and myths inform the society as to how to live. The belief systems establish rules that govern the societies. These religious beliefs create within the societies a sense of superiority because of their belief in this one true god. This belief in this one true god informs the believers as to what to do, how to conduct business, how to run governments and even how to run the education systems. All these institutions are designed to establish and maintain the myths by which the society as a whole follow as truth. These “non-religious” institutions are inherently designed to support the main religious overlay. For western cultures this is Christianity, and in Middle Eastern cultures the overlay is Islam, but with a major conflicting religious overlay, Judaism.

Eastern cultures have Hinduism and Buddhism as overlays. In China and Vietnam is an overlay of a somewhat new religion called Communism.

The mass consciousness, or hypnosis, is aided and abetted by a plethora of ingenious devices, including mass media of all kinds while beneficial are also the instruments of hypnosis.

We are, by the way, making no judgments or indictments. We do not judge these societies nor do we condemn the belief systems. We do not wish to frighten anyone. There is enough fear to go around without adding another layer. That is not our intent or desire. We do, however, wish to raise certain questions regarding human belief systems as a way of examining the nature of continued human existence on the planet.

Of course, believers in these societies are not insane, stupid, or otherwise deficient. They are however in a state of deep hypnosis. Centuries of cultivating and growing these belief systems have deepened the hypnosis to the point of almost no return. We say “almost” because it is truly possible to emerge from the hypnosis. And it is to that end that we present these observations.

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