Belief Systems and the 2006 Immigration Bill

There is much to communicate on this day regarding your passage of the immigration bill.

This bill is a symbol of the fear of many Americans. They feel the old ways slipping out of their grasp and they are looking around for some explanation. The easiest thing to identify are the ones coming to your country. Most of them are Hispanic peoples, seeking a better way of living.

Your beliefs in lack and limitation create reactions to these newcomers as the ones to blame for what many humans perceive as a diminishing way of life. These beliefs of losing strike fear into the very hearts of many Americans. The result is many otherwise kind and gentle ones are turning to their darker natures of defense. “Get them before they get us.” It is an old story, based on old belief systems that can be traced back to the very beginning time when the first life impulses emanated from All That Is, from the Creative Life Force itself.

This battle to have what another has and another’s attempt to hold onto it are merely repetitive reactions of a fear-based system of beliefs, examples of the belief that resources are limited and that if one is not careful, someone will deprive you of what you do have.

These beliefs and human reactions are coming forth at this time for examination. Does it serve humanity to continue blindly to follow these beliefs without question? Is humanity served by beliefs of lack? Dare you examine your beliefs? Dare you peel back the layers of darkness to examine the very core of your existence?

Why not have a look?

Why not go within to discover that which no longer serves you?

This refusal to question the old ideas and beliefs creates tremendous tension within the human psyche. Changes are occurring; life is not following the usual pattern. Belief systems are not providing the satisfaction they once did. Who, if anyone, is to blame? Mexicans? Jews? Christians? Muslims?


As long as humans seek answers to their questions outside of themselves, they will continue much like the hamsters running on the wheel, the unending struggle, going nowhere, but expending enormous amounts of energy on the illusion of doing something.

These attitudes and beliefs are designed by humans to keep smugly and complacently blinded as to who they really are and what they are doing here. If you look too closely within yourselves, are you afraid of what might be lurking there? It could be that you are afraid of acknowledging responsibility for your creations.

Whom would you blame? As long as you hold onto the security blankets of belief systems you never have to acknowledge your responsibility to yourselves and to acknowledge your own divinity. To acknowledge your divinity is to acknowledge your creatorship. If we acknowledge our creatorship, all that is left of me is what I’ve created around me.

These ideas trigger further belief in such ideas as blame, guilt, punishment, right, wrong, perfection, failure, success and on and on. Duality is the name of the physical game of life on Earth. To have good, there much be evil. To have light, there must be dark. They go hand in hand.

Duality is created from belief systems or belief networks.

To have rich, we must have poor.

To have love, we mush have hate.

To have joy, we must have sorrow.

What if none of these are true. What if they are lies? What do we do then?

What then is real?

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