Belief Systems: Judgment

Your belief systems are killing you. Your belief systems are your judgment systems and it is your judgment that is killing you.

You have been warned many times, yet you hold to those beliefs no matter how much pain you inflict upon yourselves and others. You do not allow yourselves to hear or to see truth. You rely upon old ideas to guide you in your lives. You react to events around you, usually with a knee-jerk reaction and then you wonder why “they” are the way “they” are, whether it is your neighbor or you counterparts in other countries.

You choose to stay locked in your battles over belief systems from politics to education. You choose blindness over sight, deafness over hearing, emotion over feeling. You pretend objectivity but practice reaction based upon fear. Your whole world is reactionary. You say you stand for righteousness while practicing mayhem and murder upon your fellow humans-and upon yourselves.

You say it is your duty to preserve freedom while you are imprisoned within your old patterns of fear and hatred for those who are different from you. Oh, we hear you say you love one another, yet you feed off each other blindly and without compassion. You feed off each other’s fears and prejudices—off each other’s belief systems. You have no hesitation to kill when you suspect another can or will challenge your beliefs. You kill the young in the name of preserving your borders—those imaginary barricades you have erected to preserve your way of life—your belief structure. You claim it is only natural, it is only self-preservation. How perverse is it that you claim self-preservation while at the same time you kill? You cannot kill another without killing a piece of yourself. How can you preach love but war no matter how righteous you believe your war to be?

How can any religious group claim to be righteous while sucking the life out of others, whether it is oil from the ground or money from the pockets. It is no different. Can you dare to truly live with open eyes, with open ears? Can you dare to hear your belief systems screaming at you, demanding that you serve them? Can you feel the fear in your leaders, religious and otherwise, as they advise you while your let them suck the life out of you?

“He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”

Can you not hear that giant sucking sound of your feeding off each other? You feed off your children while they feed off you. You feed off your neighbor while your neighbor feeds off you.

You religious leaders feed off your congregations. You take their money, their love, their faith and you return to them messages of fear and hopelessness. You feed them candy while they feed you their blood.

You politicians feed off your constituents as you take their energy in the form of money and tell them it is their duty to keep the so-called services going. You feed them war, fear, and false promises in exchange for their blood through their children who die on foreign lands and you tell them what good citizens they are. And they believe you. You feed them your lies and they feed you their hope without question.

Oh, yes, we are being blunt with you. We have tried everything else to help you awaken to your own creations. We know many of you will not hear us. But we know many of will allow your eyes to see and your ears to hear.

Look into your mirrors—your neighbor’s eyes. They reflect you. Can you see? Dare you see?
We do not judge you. We are only saying what we see you do. We have watched your games, but it is time to put away those childish games and take up the mantel of spiritual adulthood. You and you alone are responsible for your life and your world as it is.

Can you choose to see who your really are? Dare to become who you really are on the Earth. Dare to take responsibility for your lives, each of you individually.

Dare to examine your fear-based beliefs. Dare to let them go as you discover their dis-service to you. You do not have to save your neighbor. Save yourself. Acknowledge your divinity and allow that great one, All That You Are, to reign in your life.

You are responsible. You and you alone

Dare you see yourself?

Dare you expose yourself?

Dare you love yourself that much?

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